I’ve learnt a lot of lessons lately. Some have made me cringe, some laugh… others shake my head in disbelief and yes, the odd one has made me cry. This lesson though I am so proud of, it has made me smile and given me a renewed sense of ‘anything is possible!’

About two weeks ago, I photographed the gorgeous wedding of Langi & Natalie, here in Brisbane. It was a beautiful wedding, a little wet with the rain clouds persisting all day, but beautiful none the less. Every time that I am a part of a couples wedding day, I give it my all. 110%. I want to not only be there to capture every moment, I want to help make the day run as smooth as possible…. so I calm nerves, adjust dresses, set the vibe for the portraits, refill champagne glasses, fix hair, pin buttonholes, keep track of the rings, carry trains, keep the groom on track for the ceremony, adjust veils… the list goes on. This I love. But, it goes without saying, after a 12 hour day of doing this, I’m pretty knackered.

Well… after Langi & Natalie’s wedding last Saturday, Nick and I climbed into our little Ford Focus and headed down the highway. Normally, we would be driving home… but Saturday night, we were heading somewhere way more important. You see, 12 months ago I said yes to photographing another beautiful wedding on the Sunday… in Newcastle, NSW. Imagine my horror, 6 months out when I check every airline and cannot get a flight to Newcastle (or Sydney) that would get me to Brooke & Gary’s beautiful morning wedding in time! I must admit, I freaked out. My heart may have stopped for a brief moment… BUT my problem solver, the man that is my rock, Nick, logically told me we could drive. Of course… drive over 10 hours, without much sleep and shoot another wedding – this he said to the girl that has never had an all nighter, that has never really seen a sunrise – because she needs 8-9 hours a sleep a night to function! (I’m not even joking!)


You know what though… we did it. We drove all through the night, not even having time to properly freshen up (deodorant shower it was!) and started photographing Brooke & Gary’s gorgeous wedding at 9am the next morning. I am so proud of us. It was crazy. It was exhausting. It was fun… and we did it, smiling the entire time!

Have you ever done anything like this? I would love to hear any crazy stories you might have – please leave a comment below! xx