2018. This past 12 months has been pretty huge for me – not only when it comes to my business, but also personally as well. I not only spent the last 12 months figuring out how to be a mum (that’s still a work in progress) but Nick & I also got engaged ourselves! I photographed 21 incredible weddings, over 30 engagement sessions, some beautiful editorials – as well as a handful of maternity, newborn & product shoots.

It’s been a year full of excitement, adjustments, baby cuddles, sleepless nights, laughter, baby vomit, sunsets, wine, new friends, tears, stress, joy, old friends and most of all – a truckload of love! There have certainly been ups – taking our first family holiday was a standout – and downs – having to photograph weddings with an achilles injury or with food poisoning were certainly challenges.

Going through all the photos I’ve taken over the last year, the places I’ve been and the families I’ve been welcomed into – always makes me feel like the luckiest girl on earth. Thank you to everyone for supporting and encouraging me, thank you for following the journey of our little family and in general, thank you for being such an amazing tribe. I have so much love for you all!

Scroll down below to see a glimpse of my year in pictures.

Of course, it all started with our little human Spencer, as a newborn… who knew you could function on so little sleep!

This year I photographed more weddings at some of the popular Brisbane wedding venues I frequent at…

Hillstone St Lucia:


Victoria Park Golf Complex:

Branell Homestead:

Brisbane Botanical Gardens:


I also got to photograph some brand new venues for me – this was the first time working at Mavis’s Kitchen in Uki… and I must admit it was love at first sight. This was also the time that I had strained my achilles and had to wear the most nanna shoes you have ever seen to be able to walk (and you guys, this place is full of hills!) and was icing my foot during any down time at the Reception. But you know what? It was totally worth it! I loved this day! (and yes, I had a very talented second photographer with me Kaitlin, just in case I needed the help! I’m all about backup plans!)

Some of my JFL couples got married close to home… Jenn & Layton choosing a venue that was only a 15 minute drive for me (my goodness that felt good at the end of the night!)

While others meant we had to travel much further to document love – but oh my gosh, it’s always totally worth it!

Like Nick & Steph’s wedding at Frogmore Creek Winery in Tasmania:


Or James & Maddie’s wedding at Kingfisher Resort on Fraser Island:

Even Greg & Bonnie’s country wedding in Warwick was a weekend long adventure:


I took my little family to the Hunter Valley numerous times so I could photograph love:

2018 also involved a lot of dress fluffing…

veil adjusting…

Bridal Party perfecting – and terrible jokes were needed to initiate a lot of laughter! I’m the queen of those!

The year was filled with my JFL couples nailing their ceremony exits…

and I worked with some of the biggest bridal parties I have yet!


I documented a lot of engagement sessions (which I just LOVE) in Brisbane, the Hunter Valley…


and even Sydney! (I’d been dying to shoot at The Grounds of Alexandria so was pumped when I got to do this for James & Sarah!) This was the time though that my return Jetstar flight was cancelled and I had to find a hotel room at 1am by walking the streets near the airport… but again, it was still totally worth it!

Whilst all this was happening, this little guy was getting bigger & bigger everyday…

In 2018, I was lucky enough to photograph 2 incredible same sex weddings – Fabio & Andy and Flo & Jess. Thank goodness Australia finally made this legal!

I also discovered I had unintentionally started wearing a uniform (or the same dress to a heck of a lot of weddings anyway!)

I created a lot of romantic portraits of my gorgeous JFL couples:

Brisbane-Hunter-Valley-Wedding-Photography-Just-For-Love-Photographer-Bride-Romantic Victoria-Park-Wedding-Photo-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photos-Brisbane-Photographer

I also played ‘spot the photographer’ occasionally for anyone that enjoys a good game of ‘where’s wally.’ I think my version is better!

I discovered that I enjoy pointing obvious things out – like this huge tree that the groomsmen was about to walk into. I also found myself making strange expressions when I needed to get my point across…

I also got some new headshots done for my website – and found it enjoyable to make it a real challenge for Nick who was taking them:

We visited previous JFL couples that have had new babies (c’mon Spencer, you cry louder than little Mr O. Don’t be so dramatic!)

And I got to catch up with others when they attended their friends weddings that I was shooting (in this photo there is a previous JFL couple, current JFL couple and future JFL couple all together! How cool is that!)

But most importantly of all, I got to be a mum to Spencer Paul Kelly – who now makes coming home that much sweeter.

So, that just made 2018 feel a little epic! Time to pour myself a wine and take a couple of weeks off for Christmas I think (kidding: I’m shooting another wedding on the 29th of December – but I certainly will have that wine!)