A quick glimpse of my year in numbers:

0 JFL Weddings shot in 2019
0 Edited photos delivered to JFL couples
0 Interstate flights taken with my camera
0 JFL Engagement Sessions photographed
0 Hours spent at my computer

2019. Where did you go? If somebody knows, please tell me.

This past 12 months has been pretty huge for me – not only when it comes to my business, but also personally as well. I watched my little boy turn from a baby into a toddler – with his own little opinions & attitudes – which has been incredible to watch. Nick & I also finally became husband and wife (I say finally as we’ve been together for 10 years this year, so I feel like I waited a good while for that to happen haha) – but it was worth it, we enjoyed the most wonderful day.

I photographed 24 incredible weddings, over 30 engagement sessions, some beautiful editorials – as well as a handful of maternity, newborn & product shoots too!

It’s been a year full of excitement, travel, sleepless nights (yep, they’re still happening), laughter, little boy cuddles, gin with friends, tears, hours of Thomas the Tank Engine, new friends, old friends – but most of all, so much love! There have certainly been ups – our wedding day & hanging out with the ones we love most in the world – and downs – juggling being a mum and trying to run your own business is certainly a challenge.

Going through all the photos I’ve taken over the last year, the places I’ve been and the families I’ve been welcomed into – always makes me feel like the luckiest girl on earth. Thank you to everyone for supporting and encouraging me, thank you for following the journey of our little family and in general, thank you for being such an amazing tribe. I have so much love for you every single one of you!

Scroll down below to see a glimpse of my year in pictures.

I know, I need to blog our wedding pictures stat. But, here’s a small glimpse into our intimate, romantic day. My favourite part, sharing a first look with Nick before the ceremony. God I love this man – and his reaction seeing me as his bride was oh so special.

We celebrated our wedding on the 26th of October (the only free weekend I had during wedding season) with 30 of our nearest & dearest. Having friends there are my vendors too made the day even more special – I am so lucky to be surrounded by talented, kind, beautiful friends. Kaitlin, Shona, Cass, Tanya, Sarah – I’m talking about you. Love you ladies.

Having a bestie as a photographer means that I also got some new portraits taken throughout the year…

and I took some killer ones of her too!

I also tried some new ‘hand posing’ out – it didn’t work. You don’t know until you try though huh.

We also got some family photos taken with our little man. I adore these. My biggest regret with becoming a mum is not getting newborn photos taken of Spencer – I know. What a photographer thing to say right BUT little ones grow and change so damn quickly, I just wish I had newborn photos professionally done. We did have a family photo session done at 6 months though – and this one, when he had just turned one. They are some of my favourite memories so far…

I also travelled a fair bit last year! I was lucky enough to document The Celebrant Society conference in Sydney alongside Kaitlin…

I took my four spare chins so they didn’t feel left out haha

I couldn’t compile this post without mentioning this venue – Deux Belettes. This location had been on my photography bucket list for YEARS – and that’s not even an exaggeration. In 2019, I decided to stop wishing and make it happen – and oh my god, I’m so glad I did.

Bride & Groom at Deux Belettes Wedding

I also asked Tanya from Sugared Style to work on it with me and bring her floral magic to the table – and wow, she do that or what. You can tell by the size of the stupid smile I had on my face all day that I was pretty darn happy.

Bride & Groom at Deux Belettes Wedding Garden

I love these behind the scenes photos of Tanya & I – I’m sure we were discussing something technical and not the size of someone’s boobs. I know that’s what it looks like – just sayin’ how it is…

Deux Belettes Wedding Ceremony Setup

Oh Deux Belettes. Be still my beating heart.

Bride & Groom at Deux Belettes Wedding Venue with Citroen full of flowers

I also spent a lot of my year shooting at this beautiful spot – Kooroomba Lavender Farm. I photographed several weddings and an editorial here… and loved every single moment…

Kooroomba Lavender Farm Wedding Chapel

Look at this incredible setup in the chapel – I just adore this so much!

I’ve frolicked in these lavender fields with couples more time than I can count…

and taken so many stunning photos! OMG. I’m so excited to get back here a few times this year. Kooroomba, I love you.

I mentioned before, but in 2019 I travelled a lot for work. To the Hunter Valley…

Byron Bay, Port Stephen’s & my hometown, Toowoomba for weddings…

and back to the Hunter Valley for a whole heap of Engagement Sessions!

All the while, my handsome boys were waiting for me at home. More than anything else in life – I’m grateful for this.

Before I wrap this post up, I have to say a HUGE thank you. To all my JFL couples, associate & second shooters – I love you all and you are the reason I’m able to do what I do. It’s been a joy doing life together this year – here’s to 2020!


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