It’s finally here, the day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl (or at least since you got engaged…) you and your fiancé are getting married today! I love the morning of a wedding day, the air is electric with excitement and anticipation. It is the perfect place to begin the narrative of your day, from the photographs of the amazing dress you fell in love with, to the glances of adoration and love from your parents. So many special moments happen in those few hours and I want to help you guarantee that they are documented as beautifully as possible with these 3 little JFL tips! 



Just like I mentioned in our Groom Prep blog post, the location that you choose to get ready on the morning of your wedding day, can set the tone for your entire day. It is something that is often overlooked and considered an extra expense, but honestly, it is an investment into the overall vibe of your wedding day. Where you decide to get ready is SO very important and getting it right will not only mean that you arrive to your ceremony relaxed, but it will also provide you with some beautiful photos. So how do you know where to choose? There is honestly only one thing you need to remember when picking your getting ready accommodation:

– Think light, bright & white!

I can’t stress enough how much a beautiful white room with big windows, letting in lots of natural light can instantly make you feel relaxed & organised… and it’s honestly, such a dream to photograph in. A plain white wall is just perfect to use for portraits and detail photos so when looking for your accommodation, just remember:

Big windows, tick.

Lots of natural light, tick.

White coloured walls, tick.


Try and avoid rooms where you need to have any artificial lights turned on. For example, some hotel rooms are quite dark (I always sleep so well when I stay in a hotel for that very reason) so make sure that if you’re planning to get ready in one, that you can draw the curtains back and get enough natural light into the room (some hotel rooms have that thin chiffon type curtains that are permanently attached to the windows so you can’t open them up… worth a little visit before your wedding to make sure your room doesn’t have those!) I want your photos to look the best they can and the most flattering light is natural light – so we want a room that doesn’t need any lights switched on.

If you are struggling with where to get ready or questioning whether a location is suitable, please get in touch and I’d be more than happy to help! Even if I’m not your wedding photographer… I care about your wedding images and want you to have the best of the best… Honestly.



Close your eyes and imagine your perfect dress shot – you know the one, where your stunning wedding dress is hanging from a balcony – unworn and ready for the day ahead. Now, imagine your gorgeous wedding dress is on a dodgy plastic hanger. It just ruins the vision right?! If you do end up hiring a house or apartment for your wedding morning, you will often find plastic hangers in the wardrobes (if they have available hangers at all!) I adore photographing wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses & suits but it can be really challenging to get a beautiful image of them if all there is available is a plastic hanger. But it is such an easy fix, simply bring your own coat hangers. I recommend wooden hangers with a turning hook so I can hang in beautiful doorway, window or even from a tree branch. This super small investment can make a huge difference when it comes to images of your wedding dress (plus, they can make lovely gifts for your bridal party!)

Check out these designs options on Etsy: White Lane Designs, Sophia Victoria Joy or Bridal Bling Australia



Extra people hanging out with you in the  morning is fun, but keep a limit on the amount of people that will be around… especially if you have a large bridal party. For our gorgeous JFL brides, there is a lot to get done on the morning of a wedding day – much more than our JFL grooms that play golf or simply hang out until they have to get dressed – if too many people are in a small space, it can feel a little stressful. I would recommend limiting the number of ‘extras’ to just your bridal party and immediate family – or even invite your family over once you are dressed for some photos before the Ceremony.

*EXTRA TIP* Find out who will be with you on the morning of your wedding day and keep that in mind when you’re researching accommodation options. You want to make sure there are enough bathrooms (the more the better) and keep in mind you’ll have suppliers there with you as well, so you need enough room for them to work comfortably too (it could be 1 or 2 photographers, 1 or 2 videographers, hair stylist and makeup artist – so add them to your numbers!)