Be thankful: 5 Things {July}

So this last week has been pretty busy… it is now only 3 weeks until we’re off to the UK – for work and play – and to say i’m starting to get excited would be a massive understatement! Going on a month’s trip overseas however, does mean getting even busier than ever in the lead up to it. I am aiming to have all my work wrapped up before I leave – which means some pretty long days (& nights). But, hey it’s doing what I love and I am always remembering that I have SO much to be thankful for…

1. Thankful for: The Collective and extra long breaks between meetings! I have fallen head over heels for this revolutionary magazine and everything that Lisa Messenger is about (don’t know what I’m talking about, click here to find out more!) So, on Thursday, imagine my joy, when I found myself with an hour to kill in Paddington, while I waiting for my next meeting! What does a self-employed, photographer & entrepreneur do? She orders the best Pumpkin Thai Soup from Kettle & Tin and settles in to read the newest edition of the mag. That was the most ‘me’ time I’ve had for a while… and boy, did it feel good! Now to schedule meetings further a part so I have that gap more often!


My favourite quote out of the magazine so far “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth” – President John F Kennedy. Here’s to following our dreams and not conforming just because it’s the easy option!

2. Thankful for: Working from home in winter! It’s been all over the news lately, about how cold it’s gotten over the last few days. It’s funny to me though, as this is how I actually remember winter being (I mean, growing up in Queensland anyway!)… so I’m not sure what all the drama is about! BUT… in saying that, I am so thankful that I now have the opportunity to work from home, during winter especially. I know that people probably think that I would stay in bed longer, work in my pj’s and drink lots of tea (well, the tea part is right!), but I keep myself to a strict routine, otherwise I would never get out of bed and I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills! It is lovely though, to not have to travel an hour on the train and be stuck in the city without a jacket or umbrella. I remember those days well. I will never stop being thankful for my new work life. Never.

3. Thankful for: my adventure to South Africa with my main man, Nick. I have been editing more of our travel photos from our May trip this week (trying to get them all done before we go to the UK – otherwise I can predict my travel images will get out of control!) I am so thankful that he is not only my best friend, but he is also such a creative guy… and becoming quite the killer photographer! I’m so proud to have him by my side… and while it may mean, we come back with double the amount of photos for me to edit, what a joy it is to share this passion with him! Here is one of my latest faves from our trip, there is just something about the stripes of the Zebra that I just love!!


4. Thankful for: the industry ‘frendors’ that I’ve met along the way! (mixing the word friends & vendors is cool right?!) I caught up with Ash from The Transcontinental and Nicolle from High Church, Brisbane on Tuesday for lunch… we catch up every couple of weeks and it is always just so lovely. I met this pair at the start of the year, when I was doing my first Be Inspired workshop – that was a great success, partly because of the hospitality that The Trans showed me and the attendees, something that I’ll always be grateful for. The styled shoot from the workshop was featured in Brisbane Wedding Weekly‘s 8th edition (you can check it out on page 15 here), so there is a whole lot to be grateful when it comes to these ‘frendors.’

5. Thankful for: pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. So, yesterday, I decided to share a message on Periscope to a bunch of photographers that have joined a Facebook group I’m running (how to build your wedding photography business – if you’re a photographer and interested in joining, click here!). What I didn’t realise is that it automatically tweeted my chat out to my twitter audience… which is by no means huge – but it did mean, that there were a lot of people I didn’t know entering the session. Cue freakout. I finished the chat, which was only 8 minutes long… and then burst into tears. The things poor Nick has to deal with… while I was happy with what I shared and the passion I have for helping others is greater than the fear I have for being vulnerable to what people may say… it’s still as scary as hell. It’s hard to push yourself outside the comfort of what you know and where you feel safe… but what growth comes from there? Very little I think.

So next Friday I’ll be doing another Periscope chat and the only expectation I have of myself, is to not cry at the end of it! If you want to tune in, find me at @justforlovephoto or Kylie Maree.

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