Be Thankful: 5 Things {June}

So you might remember at the start of the year, I told the internet world and all of you, my gorgeous readers, that I was going to do a blog post series called “Be Thankful: 5 Things” which was, you guessed it, about 5 things that had happened over the last little while that I was thankful for. Well, I did one post (click here to read it!) and then life kind of took over and I didn’t get back to it! That is until now…

1. Thankful for: Being a part of so many couples first day as husband and wife. I know, for a wedding photographer, you might think that’s an easy answer… but I honestly treasure it and want to make sure I never take it for granted. Yesterday, I documented Janet & Jimmy’s wedding day at Boomerang Farm, Gold Coast and wow, was it amazing!! Here is a frame from the day:


2. Thankful for: Making new friends. Anyone that knows me, understands that I am a little on the quiet side. I much prefer to be home in my PJ’s with a cup of tea then raving at a party… but last week, I made myself go outside of my comfort zone a couple of times (not to raving parties mind you!) but to a couple networking events and meetings with other wedding industry peeps that I didn’t know… and I made some new friends out of it! Definitely something I’m going to try and do every week from now on…

3. Thankful for: Epsom Salt Baths. Seriously. They are changing my world, one bath at a time! For any non-believers out there, I challenge you to grab some Epsom Salts during your next grocery shop and try it. The Magnesium Sulfate does amazing things to your mind (relieves stress and aids relaxation – oh hello, good nights sleep) as well as reducing inflammation and relieving pain (so good after a 15 hour wedding day!) and crazy things like helping muscles & nerves function properly, eliminates toxins, and you can even use it as fertiliser! Have I convinced you yet!!

4. Thankful for: Google. I know, such a geek thing to say… but, after my flash started acting all weird at last night’s wedding reception (don’t worry, I had a backup! I’m a professional like that), Google saved the day. For all the photographers out there, I discovered that on a Canon Speedlite, ETTL & TTL are not the same thing and when your flash is displaying TTL, it is saying that it thinks you’re using an older film camera that meters light differently. Alas, a quick change in the custom function settings and it was working right as rain. Thank you Mr Google!

5. Thankful for: the dreams and vision I have for my future. I had to write a new about me page for my website this past week (nothing like changing things up a little) and it really made me appreciate how far I’ve come in my journey, rather than just focusing on how far I have to go! Love you to read it and let me know what you think! Click here to have a look!


So what about you gorgeous? What is one thing that you are thankful for? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below – let’s appreciate this journey together!  <3


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