When I started my business 4 years ago, it was because I wanted to do something creative. I wanted to meet new people – and I’m  HUGE romantic – so wedding photography was a perfect fit. I never imagined that it would also lead me to build incredible friendships with my brides – something that I now treasure more than anything. These friendships start from when our paths first cross – generally 12 months or so before their Wedding Day – over that year, we talk, we plan, we drink wine & hang out – we become friends. My job – my passion – has brought some beautiful girls into my life, which is something that I’ll be forever grateful for. They seriously are the best!

It is rare that I’m in front of the camera (something that I’m trying to change this year!) but here are some of the photos I have with them…

Just For Love Photography-564

This time in South Africa with Kile & Bec will always be so special to Nick & I… who would have thought that we would be asked to not only photograph their wedding overseas but also join them on the 3 week adventure with all of their friends. We have so much love for these guys and they are still some of our greatest friends, long after their Wedding Day!


Two of my past brides together, Tui & Emma – each were bridesmaids for each other’s wedding so I just had to get a photo with them both (even if I had just finished shooting for 10 hours!) These girls are both just so darn gorgeous inside & out…

Just For Love Photography-1 2

… and my dear friend Aimee! Who gets married tomorrow – I can hardly contain my excitement! I cannot wait to photograph her wedding to Craig – they are honestly some of the sweetest people I have ever met. Aimee even invited me to her Hen’s Party a couple of weeks ago… which I LOVED! I must admit, I was pretty darn nervous beforehand (being that I didn’t know anyone but her gorgeous self & I don’t normally get invited to Hen’s parties as a guest) but of course, I shouldn’t have been. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time, flower crowns, face painting and all!

Just For Love Photography_0489

The reason I wrote this post was because I want to thank each & everyone of my past, present & future brides for just being themselves. You each make my days so much sweeter & my life so much brighter… and I’m forever grateful to have you in my life. I also wanted to write this as a reminder to myself, just how lucky I am – just how loved I am – so that when I’m feeling lonely or having a tough time, this will help clear those dark skies.

All my love, Kylie xx