Oh friends, I’m SO excited to share with you Kait & Tim’s Brisbane Engagement Session today! We caught up a couple of weeks ago at the Brisbane Mount Cootha Botanical Gardens to get to know each other more and have some fun in front of the camera – and my goodness did we have fun! Seriously, these two are so great to be around, my cheeks were sore from smiling when I got home. Ever since Kait had first emailed me back in August last year, I knew this pair were going to be another amazing JFL couple… sure, it might have had something to do with the fact that they are major foodies – but I think it was more to do with the love they share and how easy going & lovely they both are! Needless to say, I’m SUPER excited for their wedding later this year!

I mean, just look at the photos we took together at their Engagement Session:

Brisbane-Mount-Cootha-Botanical-Gardens-Engagement-Photo-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engaged Brisbane-Mount-Cootha-Botanical-Gardens-Engagement-Photo-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engaged Brisbane-Mount-Cootha-Botanical-Gardens-Engagement-Photo-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engaged

As I like to get to know my couples really well, I asked them both what they love most about each other (yes, I’m super romantic and love LOVE)

Tim shared with me: “I just love everything about Kait, especially her smile and the fun we have together! I love her caring nature and how she is always there for me when I need her…”


Whilst Kait explained: “I just love Tim’s ability to make me laugh – even when I’m trying to be cranky at him. I love that we can clown around together and just be idiots! I also love his determination. I’m so proud of him becoming a doctor and all the steps he had to take to get there. He is the most hardworking person I know!”

See, how could you not love these guys! Talk about the sweetest!

Brisbane-Mount-Cootha-Botanical-Gardens-Engagement-Photo-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engaged Brisbane-Mount-Cootha-Botanical-Gardens-Engagement-Photo-Just-For-Love-Photography-EngagedBrisbane-Mount-Cootha-Botanical-Gardens-Engagement-Photo-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engaged Brisbane-Mount-Cootha-Botanical-Gardens-Engagement-Photo-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engaged

Kait & Tim, I have so much LOVE for you two! Thank you for trusting me with this time in your lives… your Engagement Session was beyond anything I could’ve hoped for and it has made me even more excited for your big day (which I didn’t think was possible!)

Bring on September at Lightspace in Brisbane I say! All my love, Kylie xx