Paul & Anita.

Anita first contacted me over Facebook, sharing her plans to have a surprise wedding at her engagement party! From those first messages, my own excitement for them started to build. A surprise wedding! To be a part of that… I could hardly wait!

The only thing important to her and her love, Paul, was becoming husband and wife. They were focused on spending the rest of their lives together and couldn’t wait to get started! Their day started traditionally, with Paul not allowed to set eyes on his fiancé, while she spent her time getting ready with her girls. They then chose to have an intimate first look, in the library at Spicers Balfour, before heading to the Brisbane Powerhouse for some bridal party portraits.

Afterwards, when they were supposed to be arriving at their “engagement party”, Paul entered and welcomed all the guests, completing a reading about marriage and playing a short video that they had made, highlighting what they loved about each other. Their pastor (who was also a guest) then jumped up, asked everyone to pull their chairs into the centre and make an aisle… que music and Anita’s big entrance! It was a moment I’m sure everyone will remember in the years to come!

Paul & Anita, thank you so much for trusting me to document your first day as husband and wife. It truly was so special – and you both deserve nothing less! xx


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