Hello gorgeous. Firstly, I just want to say a HUGE thank you for those that took the time to read my first post. From my heart to yours, thank you. I must say I really really appreciate all the encouragement and kindness that you gorgeous internet folk showed me…I felt as though those first words were like a child’s first steps and I just can’t wait until I can break into a full on, grin bearing stride (be nice, I’ve never been much of a runner!)

So a few things that have been happening this week in my, what seems to be crazy busy life (I think it’s partly due to this time of the year…things tend to get a little crazy for everyone as the year starts wrapping up…Christmas pun not intended!)

– The weekend before last, I drove back home to the quiet streets of Toowoomba to fulfil some bridesmaid duties on Saturday night…If all my bridesmaid duties involve cider and Camembert cheese, I will be one happy lass. I would have snapped some quick photos to share but I was a little preoccupied with the aforementioned cider and cheese.

– Also that weekend with the help of a little sunday sunshine, a zarraffas caramel cappuccino and a full tank of fuel, I made the drive to the gorgeous gold coast to photograph one of the cutest couples, Kevin & Alisha, before heading home. These guys were awesome, super duper in love, full of giggles (that was Alisha more so than Kevin) and just so lovely. Stay tuned for their blog post coming soon with their gorgeous images…I can’t wait to share them.

– I also had the amazing honour of photographing a gorgeous, fun, untraditional in every sense,  inspiration shoot last sunday. Think boho, teepees, sunshine and love. It. Was. Incredible. Plus I got to meet some lovely people and super talented creatives, like Kelley from Bower Botanicals…the things she can do with florals. Amazing. Stay tuned this weekend for a post all about this…!

So that’s about it from me today gorgeous, a little update…short and sweet. Oh talking about sweet I am a little excited for a live Christmas cake bake along e-class that I’ve signed up for the 8th of December…with the amazingly talented Gillian Bell cake girl. You just can’t put Christmas and Cake in the same sentence and not fall in love with that idea! Plus I can be in my own kitchen and tune in online. Amazing.