Some people enquire and ask us if we have worked at certain venues before. It’s almost like they think that if we have photographed there before, we’ll do a better job with their wedding pictures! What they don’t realize is that shooting at brand new places sparks so much creativity in photographers! This was our first time photographing a wedding at the gorgeous Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens and it was simply amazing! This venue is a complete rainforest oasis, yet it’s less than 20 minutes from Brisbane City – I must admit, I simply fell in love with the paddock on the property opposite and was the happiest girl alive when I found out that the owner doesn’t mind photographers using it. It was honestly like all my Christmases had come at once.

On Paul & Laura’s Wedding Day, there was an intense summer storm that rolled through just as the Ceremony was due to start… however, being that there is a wet weather option (that was beautifully styled may I add) there was no raining on their parade. After the downpour, the skies cleared and the sun peaked through the clouds, making the most beautiful light for their bridal portraits. Seriously, I don’t think their day could have been any more beautiful if it tried!

Here’s a glimpse into their Wedding Day Story:


Laura and her girls got ready in a loft at The New Inchcolm, a boutique hotel in Brisbane that almost felt a little Parisian… which I didn’t mind at all. Perhaps it was the bikes resting out the front – add a baguette to that basket and you could swear you were in France, am I right? (Full disclosure, I’ve never actually been to France but a girl can dream!! haha)

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-New-Inchcolm-Hotel Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-New-Inchcolm-Hotel Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-New-Inchcolm-Hotel

Laura had the most beautiful details – from her stunning peony filled bouquet by Unveiling Poppy, to her powder blue peep toe shoes that were just the sweetest! Honestly, I love Laura’s style as much as I adore her – which is a heck of a lot! Oh and see that little Six Pence Coin in the photo above that was attached to her bouquet? That coin had been a part of her mother’s wedding day… and her grandmother’s wedding day… and now it was Laura’s turn. I just love those kind of heartfelt details!

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-New-Inchcolm-Hotel Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-New-Inchcolm-Hotel Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-New-Inchcolm-Hotel

I love this photo of Laura looking into the mirror, almost ready to get dressed into her Wedding Dress. Nick took this image and he totally nailed it (and couldn’t have been more proud, rushing downstairs to show me the back of the camera)… I just LOVE have another photographer there on a Wedding Day – not only so we can document more, but so our couples get two times the amount of creativity!

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-New-Inchcolm-Hotel Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-New-Inchcolm-HotelBundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-New-Inchcolm-Hotel

Laura’s mum helped her dress (these moments are just so special for a mum & daughter to share)… before it was time for a little first look with her dad. Oh the feels.


Meanwhile, Paul was busy getting ready himself at his parents house – I love photographing the groom’s details, just as much as I do the bride’s (especially when they are as organised as Paul was – or should I say, his mum made sure he was! Thanks Mrs Jones!) I just have to mention, how great are his monkey socks!!

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Groom-Suit-Prep Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Groom-Suit-Prep Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Groom-Suit-Prep Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Groom-Suit-Prep

As the time started to tick away, we documented Paul getting dressed into his suit. Looking pretty dapper with his grey suit and pink tie! I love the combo!

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Groom-Suit-Prep Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Groom-Suit-Prep Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Groom-Suit-Prep

Before long, it was time to make our way to Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens for their Wedding Ceremony. Now, we didn’t realise but over the course of the morning the clouds had started to build quite heavily… with rain forecasted, we knew that wet weather was on its way, but we hoped that it would hold – unfortunately, 15 minutes before the start of their Ceremony it stormed. Now, it wasn’t just a shower – it was one of the most voracious storms we’d had all summer, with torrential rain, thunder & lightening. Luckily, Paul & Laura had employed Matt from Made You Look Events that ensured that their wet weather option had been fully styled and looked just as beautiful as anything outside. I must admit, I’ve always valued wedding stylists & planners and honestly believe they are worth their weight in gold – but after Paul & Laura’s Wedding Day, my belief of this is even stronger!

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-GroomBundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom

Paul was glowing with love & pride as he spots his bride, Laura…

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom

Pastor Jake lead a beautiful Ceremony, sharing personal tales of the couple and what led them to this very day! This day that marks the first day of the rest of their lives as husband and wife…

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-GroomBundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom

and then it was time, introducing Mr & Mrs Jones!

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom

Afterwards, the rain eased and the sun pushed through the clouds – just in time to provide us with the prettiest light for their bridal portraits.

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-Party Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-Party Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-Party Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-Party

Nick & I were in heaven, almost squealing in excitement as we photographed these two newlyweds (ok, so there was no almost from me when it came to squealing… I can’t help it when I’m excited!)

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-Party Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-Party Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-Party Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-PartyBundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-Party Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Portraits-Sunset-Bridal-Party

After a stunning sunset, it was time for Mr & Mrs Jones to join their guests and celebrate long into the night! The marquee at Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens had been styled beautifully by Matt and his team and was ready for the guests & bridal party to enter… (p.s I was seriously crushing over that cake topper!!)

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception

ok and the New Farm Confectionery favours… they are on the list to try one day soon!

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception

During the night was a first dance and some fun games that ensured everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves (if you’ve never heard of the ‘shoe game’ you’re missing out!)

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-ReceptionBundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception

then the gorgeous cake had to be cut… so that everyone could cut loose on the D floor!

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception

and cut loose they did (especially the groomsmen!) Finally, it was time to bid the newlyweds goodbye with a romantic sparkler exit!

Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception Bundaleer-Rainforest-Gardens-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Groom-Reception

Paul & Laura, thank you so much for everything you pair. You are one of the sweetest couples and we’re so grateful to not only had been the ones to document your Wedding Day, but to now be able to call your friends. Lots of love, Nick & Kylie x

A huge thanks to the following vendors for making Paul & Laura’s wedding day as amazing as it was:

Bride’s Prep Venue: The New Inchcolm Hotel   | Wedding Venue: Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens, Brisbane

Stylist & Planner: Made You Look Events | Celebrant: Pastor Jake Smith | Bridal Gown & Bridesmaid Dresses: Casar Bridal  | Hair Stylist: Bella Brides | Makeup Artist: Tanielle Jai Makeup Artistry | Bridal Bouquet & Groom’s Buttonhole: Unveiling Poppy | Groom Attire & Groomsmen Suits: Roger David  | Cake: Made with love by Bride’s Mum | Wedding Favours: New Farm Confectionery

Here’s what Laura had to say about Just For Love Photography after their Engagement Session: