Sometimes I just love that the world sometimes feels so small… you know what they say about the whole 6 degrees of separation. That means that everyone is connected in some way or another – and that seriously gives me the warm & fuzzies. Especially as a self employed gal who at times can find working from home quite isolating – and yes, sometimes I do talk to myself and look like a total crazy.

Anyway, Taela + Sam are total proof of that concept. Years ago, when I was living in Toowoomba (so you guys, when I say years – I mean YEARS) I worked at this lovely little coffee shop called The Chocolate Cottage. I know right, yum! Well, it turns out that my gorgeous JFL bride Taela is actually the daughter of my old bosses that owned the cafe. That must be less than 6 degrees right there! I’m so excited to be a part of Taela & Sam’s journey to becoming husband & wife and that connection just makes it even sweeter…

At the end of last year, I caught up with them to document their Country Toowoomba Engagement as well as their Engagement Party that night. It was so special to be a part of this first celebration of their love!

Here’s a peek into the photos we took during the afternoon together:

Toowoomba-Wedding-Photographer-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engagement-Party Toowoomba-Wedding-Photographer-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engagement-Party Toowoomba-Wedding-Photographer-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engagement-Party

This pair are just the cutest… and the country backdrop was just perfect for their photos!

Toowoomba-Wedding-Photographer-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engagement-Party Toowoomba-Wedding-Photographer-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engagement-Party

To make it extra special, we were able to take some photos on the property next door to the one Taela’s parents own, that used to be her grandparents. I love that she has so many memories growing up there that it made for an extra special touch to their photos…

Toowoomba-Wedding-Photographer-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engagement-Party Toowoomba-Wedding-Photographer-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engagement-PartyToowoomba-Wedding-Photographer-Just-For-Love-Photography-Engagement-Party

Taela & Sam, thank you so much for trusting me to document this exciting time in your lives – I’m honestly SO excited about your wedding this year and cannot wait to be a part of the incredible celebration that it will be! Bring on September!

Wish them well in the comments below you guys – and I’d love to hear what you think of these photos: