You might think I’m not crazy enough to photograph 2 weddings, in 2 different states, within 12 hours of each other. Think again. Photographing two weddings back to back is always tough… but when they are 800 km apart and there are no flights to get you from one to another so you have to drive… it’s a tad tougher! However, with my partner in crime (also referred to as the love of my life and second shooter) by my side, we went and we conquered. What’s even better is we attached a Gopro on the car and Nick made an awesome video of our adventure!

We started in Brisbane for a rainy golf course wedding and how luck had it, the rain followed us down to Newcastle in New South Wales for the second wedding, a morning rainy Ceremony! Still there was no raining on our parade, and I’m as proud of the photos we took at the second wedding (with very limited sleep) as I am at the first!

Here’s a look into our interstate weddings adventure!!