I’ve been doing a whole lot of thinking today about wedding traditions. Which ones are worth keeping & which aren’t… and what they all even mean! It got me thinking about the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – I mean, seriously. Where did this even come from? Having the curious nature that I do, I took to the internet to find out… Apparently this tradition goes back to an Old English rhyme about the four objects that will bring good luck to a bride on her wedding day. Something old represents continuity; something new brings optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolises happiness; and something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity.

So… I’m not the biggest stickler for tradition, I think that there are rules on a wedding day that should be broken (blog post on that coming soon!), but I do think it’s fun to find a creative way to hide a hint of colour in  your wedding outfit and hey, if blue represents purity, love & fidelity – that sounds pretty good to me! Here are 10 creative ways to wear something blue on your wedding day…

1. Blue Lingerie

Now, of course this totally depends on what your bridal gown allows… but wearing some beautiful blue lingerie is one of the best ideas to include a dash of blue into your day (you would of been buying something new for your wedding night anyway right!) I even love these sweet undies from BHLDN that have ‘mrs’ embroidered in blue on the back! Adorable! …and hey, I had to share this image too as who doesn’t need a dose of some gold Manolo Blahnik heels right? Oh and this Lingerie set is by Simone Perele (which I’m pretty sure is available at David Jones).

Blue-Wedding-Lingerie-Manolo-Blahnik-Heels-Bride-Fashion(Image via Pinterest)

2. Blue Jewellery

A statement necklace with a bit of blue in it is a great way to add a pop of colour to your white dress. Or, simply wear a dainty sapphire pendant or a sweet sapphire ring on your right hand… such a good excuse to spoil yourself with a new piece of jewellery! Me, I’m smitten with Samantha Wills anything, so just had to share this gorgeous image of a boho bride, wearing a hint of blue in her rings on her Wedding Day! Love!

Samantha-Wills-Blue-Ring-Bride-Wedding-Boho-Lace(Image via Luxe Fashion Boutique)

3. Blue Pedicure

Whether you are wearing an open or closed in shoe, I think a little coloured polish is always a good idea! Personally I love OPI’s “Can’t Find My Czechbook” or Zoya’s Blu for that perfect pale blue hue! (I didn’t want to share a pic – because – well, no matter how good the polish, no one needs a photo of feet popping up in their face! Am I right?!)

4. Hidden Blue Bow

Once again, depending on the type of wedding dress you choose, you can hide a little blue bow on the inside of your gown. One amazing designer that I have had the honour of getting to know quite well, Karen Willis Holmes, does this on all her gowns – it’s her little signature gift to her brides to be! This idea is so pretty, feminine and super easy to execute at the last minute if this is something you are yet to think about!

Just-For-Love-Photography-Karen-Willis-Holmes-Blue-Ribbon-Wedding-Gown-Dress-Bride(Just For Love Photography Real Wedding Image)

5. Blue in your bouquet!

Your bridal bouquet is a perfect place to include a little something blue. Either wrap the stems with blue ribbon or include a small blue flower in your arrangement – chat to your florist to see what’s in season around the time of your wedding!! This heavily scented bouquet was created by the amazing Emma Healy and included basil flower, freesia, lavender and rosemary! Incredible!

Just-For-Love-Photography-Bride-Wedding-Bouquet-Florals-Flowers-Blue-Something-Foraged-Wild-Ribbon(Just For Love Photography Real Wedding Image)

6. Vows written in Blue

If you’ll be writing your own vows (which I HIGHLY recommend), consider composing them on blue paper or using blue ink. Along with serving as your ‘something blue,’ having a handwritten love note is a lot more romantic than a typed up version… you could even go one step further and have someone hand letter them for you (check out Louise at Floralovely for some ideas!) Imagine them framed and hanging in your home after your Wedding Day… and yes, I am a romantic at heart, how could you tell?

Just-For-Love-Photography-calligraphy-blue-ink-wedding-vows-bride-groom(Image via Pinterest)

7. Small Blue Heart painted on your ring finger!

Now, I know that wearing blue polish on your fingernails may be a little out there for some… but why not have your nail technician paint a little blue heart on the nail of your ring finger?! Not only will it look sweet against your nude or pale nails, it will also act as a reminder to your hubby to be as to which finger the ring should go on! Trust me, with all the weddings that I’ve photographed you’d be surprised at just how many guys go to put the ring on the wrong hand! I mean, you can’t blame them really, all that pressure… but a dainty little blue heart might just be what they need!

8. Blue Shoes

It could just be the Sex in the City lover in me, but from the minute Carrie Bradshaw wore her blue Manolo Blahnik’s to marry BIG at the end of the film… I was smitten! The classic design and gorgeous blue hue had me in love… but whether it’s these gorgeous heels or another form of shoe, this is such a chic way to incorporate blue into your Wedding Day! Plus, you can totally wear these after the Wedding too – bonus!

manolo-blahnik-blue-wedding-shoes-bride(Image via

9. Use Blue in your Wedding Cake

More & more often I’m seeing couples choose to do their own thing when it comes to their Wedding Cake (some even choosing not to have one at all!) There are simply no rules – but if you are going to have a wedding cake… and well, I know I would – because cake – why not use some blue elements in it like this one! Created by Gillian Bell, this is a buttery bundt cake drizzled with an elderflower glace icing and finished with masses of glorious blue borage flowers… Is your mouth watering yet? Mine too.

Just-For-Love-Photography-Gillian-Bell-Cake-Elderflower-Homemade-Wedding-Bride-Reception(Just For Love Photography Real Wedding Image)

10. … and for all the rule breakers – why not wear a blue wedding dress!!

C’mon. If you want to do something different… why not! I especially love these icy blue tones and heck, if you can’t make up your own rules on your wedding day – when can you?!

Wedding-Dress-Blue-Alternate-Gown-Bride(Image via Lace & Love Hearts Wedding Blog)

So there you have it loves! I hope that these ideas have helped spark your creativity when it comes to choosing your something blue!

Happy Wedding Planning,

Kylie xx

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