I’m a perfectionist. It’s a known fact – so it’s of no surprise that when Sarat & Parya contacted me about documenting their wedding in Byron Bay, I spent quite a lot of time practicing how to pronounce their names correctly before sending them their first “hello” video message. Sure, I felt silly repeating their names over and over in my office before hitting record… but hey, I’m a perfectionist and our couples deserve no less. Over the course of a couple of weeks, Parya & I emailed backwards and forwards… getting to know each other better & better. Through our conversations I learnt about them individually, I learnt about their relationship and I also discovered what they wanted their Wedding to look like, feel like and be – which is SO very important when you are tasked with the role of documenting it through both photo & video for the years to come. Documenting it for their children one day to look at, to re-live. It’s a job we take very seriously – and just like the small details of pronouncing a name, our couples deserve no less.

Fast forward 12 months or so, and you would find Sarat & Parya standing hand in hand on the beach of Byron Bay – experiencing their first day as husband & wife. Their Wedding Day was full of so many things that we were yet to experience & document, so for us – the memories of that day will always bring a smile to our lips and a little bit of movement to our hips (you’ll see why when you read how they entered their Reception!)

Here is a glimpse into their Wedding Day story:


Sarat & Parya both decided to get ready at the stunning Horizon’s in Byron Bay – this stunning property not only has spectacular views of Byron, it also has LOADS of space, allowing preparations to take place without the risk of seeing each other before the Ceremony – perfect for these two Sydneysiders!


Sarat’s details were on point… and being that they were both doctors, I had to use this Medical Encyclopedia for a photo with their wedding rings (I’m always looking for personal ways to incorporate my couples into their photos so imagine my delight when I saw this book in the bookcase at Horizon’s!)

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride-groom-hugo-bossbyron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride-groom byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride-groom-hugo-boss

You have to give credit where credit is due when it comes to that Hugo Boss Suit with personalised embossed S & P cuffs… very very nice Sarat!

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride-groom-hugo-boss byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride-groom-hugo-boss byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride-groom-hugo-boss

Meanwhile, Parya was sipping on champagne – surrounded by her nearest & dearest. Whilst she didn’t officially have any bridesmaids, there was definately an entire bride squad around her on the morning of her Wedding Day – her family and her closest of friends. You could hear the laughter before you even entered the house! First, I start with her details – florals, invitation suite, perfume, dress, shoes, rings – all styled & photographed so it can be documented as a part of their Wedding Day story…

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride-alstonville-florist byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride-alstonville-florist byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bridebyron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception
Being that I had gorgeous Billeta as my second photographer for this wedding (Nick was busy filming it!) we were able to separate so that I could document the Ceremony setup, whilst she stayed with Parya and took some amazing portraits of her dressed in her stunning Wedding gown. Another reason why having 2 photographers is SO important!

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-horizons-bride

Before long it was time for their Wedding Ceremony, which was held at Elements of Byron, overlooking the beach… it was a perfect day with not a cloud in the sky!

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-ceremony-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-ceremony-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-ceremony-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach

Their Wedding Ceremony was a blend of both traditional & modern elements, with Sarat & Parya wanting to pay homage to their Indian & Persian heritages but also wanting to add their own personal touches, which made it so beautiful and quite unique! I just love this photo which was taken during their personalised vows to each other!

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-ceremony-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-ceremony-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-ceremony-hindi-persian-outdoor-beachbyron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-ceremony-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach

After their Wedding Ceremony (and a few family photos and the group photo) it was time for us to take advantage of the pretty Byron light for their Wedding Portraits. Nick & I had scouted the day before so we knew exactly where we wanted to go… making sure that we made it to the beach & the old abondoned train tracks – you don’t get much more iconic Byron Bay than that!

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach-bridal-portraits byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach-bridal-portraits byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach-bridal-portraits

This spot was just stunning, especially in the late afternoon light… and these two newlyweds knew just what to do in front of the camera!

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach-bridal-portraits byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-outdoor-beach-bridal-portraits

Before long it was time for them to join their guests at the stunning Reception room at Elements of Byron

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception

Wanting to start the night off with a bang, Sarat & Parya decided to enter with SAMBA dancers (a first for us!)… and all their guests joined in and danced up a storm for the first 3o minutes of the night! I LOVED this idea and it meant that the atmostphere that entire night was just buzzing!!

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception

They also shared in cake cutting, speech making, a first dance to Michael Jackson (my gosh we love you pair!) before it was time for everyone to climb in the Magic Bus to be taken on to another bar for more drinks & celebrations!! These guys sure know how to celebrate… Sarat & Parya, thank you again for trusting us to document your first day as husband & wife! We loved every single second of it and know that together, you both make an unstoppable force! Here’s to an amazing future together and many more visits to Byron Bay!

byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception byron-bay-wedding-just-for-love-photography-film-photo-elements-bride-hindi-persian-samba-dancers-video-reception

We were also lucky enough to be trusted to document Sarat & Parya’s Wedding Day through video as well… click below to watch their gorgeous highlight film (well done to Nick & his team for putting this one together so beautifully!!)


A huge thanks to the following vendors for making Sarat & Parya’s wedding day as amazing as it was:

 Prep Venue: Horizon’s Byron Bay  | Wedding Venue: Elements of Byron

Videographer: Just For Love Photography & Film | Stylist: The Wedding Shed | Bridal Gown: Mira Mandic | Hair Crown: Viktoria Novak | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Suzi Dent | Florals: Alstonville Wedding Florist  | Grooms Attire: Hugo Boss | Cake: Cute Sweet Things | Photobooth: Black Tie Photobooths | Transport: Magic Bus, Byron Bay