I get it. After years of photographing weddings and being apart of a couples journey to being husband and wife. I totally get it. There is a truckload of planning, lists full of bit and bobs to remember and think of, there is a heck of a lot to do (my hat goes off to wedding planners who make this stuff their business…they are worth their weight in gold!) so why both with an engagement shoot right? Isn’t it just something else to remember, plan for and organise? Well maybe…but should you bother? Abso-freaking-lutely!


I’m sure you have heard of the logical reasons behind why engagement sessions are important…

– “It’s your chance to get to know your photographer before the wedding day”

– It’s good practice”

– You can use the photo’s for your save the date cards or at the wedding”

While these are all valid points, I would like to raise another idea. An idea that brides, grooms and wedding professionals seem to forget…in all the wedding planning madness. Consider this: your engagement is a celebration. As Meredith Grey frequently said to Christina “you’re my person” (I couldn’t resist putting in a Grey’s reference!)…well gorgeous, you have found your person…and that is celebration worthy. That is shout from the rooftops for all to hear worthy. That is champagne for breakfast worthy (any excuse right?!).


When you consider, the few months to a few years when your engaged to be married, is such a small window of time when compared to the rest of your life. Tiny really. Yet what happened within this window of time, is disproportionally huge. What happened is life changing. It’s your own little miracle. You found someone. They found you. You fell deeply in love with each other. You both chose to make a commitment to each other, regardless of what comes next. Wow, right. This. is. huge.

Engagement photographs capture and preserve this feeling, the emotion, the exciting love that you both share…sure, I am certain that you, gorgeous, will have an extraordinary life together, but never again will you experience this, this sliver of time that you are engaged to be married to this wonderful person. People that see engagement shoots as a mere test run for the wedding, are seeing photographs for their present day value, when I believe, photographs are for the tomorrow’s. Having these moments to look back on in years to come, preserving this time in your life so that you can revisit, anytime in the future, not just for the here and now. Imagine the joy they will bring in ten, twenty, thirty years time, to look back at this time in your lives and say…wow, we were at the beginning of our love! Or the excitement that will come when you show them to new eyes, maybe to someone that isn’t even born yet.



So you guessed it. I am crazy sentimental. Sure. But I also believe with all my heart, that you should be celebrating gorgeous…even if it means just a little more planning. Do it. Do it for your future, do it for your children, grandchildren to be. Do it for your older selves. Let me document it…so you can shout it from the rooftops and enjoy a dash of champagne for breakfast.

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