Feature Friday #1 – Brisbane Wedding Stylist: Willow Tree Creative

I have to be honest. Before I was a part of the wedding industry, I had no idea what a wedding stylist did or why you would even need one. That was before. After 4 years as a wedding photographer (and counting…) I get it. I get just how crucial they are and how much stress they relieve. I see it day in and day out… They are, in my opinion, worth their weight in gold! So what exactly is it and why do you need to consider employing their efforts? I caught up with the very talented Brisbane Wedding Stylist Lisa from Willow Tree Creative to chat all about it!


Ummm, so what exactly is a wedding stylist?

A wedding stylist is one of those creative people, that can turn the vision you have for your wedding day into a reality. Yes, they are usually perfectionists – but that is what makes them great at what they do. They also spend a lot of time on Pinterest, gathering inspiration and ideas for their couples – finding a common theme and suggesting ways that couples make ideas unique to them and their wedding day. This is what one looks like:


Lisa explains “I love finding out what sorts of things a bride might like… and then sourcing hidden treasures and pieces that I know she will love, that can be used at their wedding. Items that no one has seen before and will remember for years to come.” Even though, Lisa has styled countless weddings, each wedding is as unique as the couple becoming husband and wife.

Ok… so why do I need a wedding stylist?

So, let’s get real. Weddings are a lot of work. From selecting a venue, photographer, the perfect dress, florals that you love, which friends to have as bridesmaids, meal options, invitations… when to have the wedding, the list sometimes seems endless. There is a lot to think about. Hiring a wedding stylist like Lisa, means that not only is there someone that has your back and guarantees that all the details will be where you want them to be… they are bringing their experience to the table. They can offer advice on timelines, decor, themes, colours, venues… pretty much anything you might need, and that I think, is priceless.


They sound expensive, are they?

NO! How much they cost just simply depends on how much you need (like everything in life really!) Lisa offers comprehensive styling services for couples (which covers everything – when I said before she will have your back, I meant it!) from approximately $2500. But hey, if you are keen to try your hand at some DIY at your wedding, she has a stunning hire range that you can simply hire and style yourself or she can just look after the wedding day co-ordination (making sure everything happens when and where it’s supposed to). Really, how much or how little, is completely up to you.

Here are some frames from Lisa’s recent work:


… and finally, what have other brides said?

Here are some reviews that Willow Tree Creative has received from past brides (they can also be found on their website or Facebook page):

“I used Willow Tree Creative for my wedding in 2014 and was incredibly pleased with the service they provided. Both my wedding ceremony and reception were decorated to perfection and well beyond my expectations! Thank you so so much for everything you did to ensure our team was perfect!”

“Just a quick email to thank you for all your help with our wedding last Sunday. The set up was perfect and beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our wedding day easier and perfect”


“Thank you so much for putting together a beautifully styled wedding, You were so patient with us which was really appreciated. We definitely recommend you to all your friends!”

So there you have it… wedding styling. What are your thoughts gorgeous? Oh and Happy Feature Friday! xx


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