Feature Friday #2 – Brisbane Wedding Florist: Bella Bloom Floral Designs

It’s my birthday today… and I think on your birthday, you get to do, be and talk about – whatever you like, whatever you love. I love flowers. I possibly almost love flowers as much as I love photography. Because of that love, today I wanted to share a Brisbane Wedding Florist that I just adore – and hugely respect. She creates amazing floral arrangements for wedding days and is as lovely as she is talented. Introducing Kelly from Bella Bloom Floral Designs! We got together and I asked her some tough (some not so tough), burning questions about what she does and what she believes. Have a read below:

How would you describe your design style?

“I’m inspired by organic, free-form designs that combine a tonne of textural elements. Using different kinds of foliage and combining a range of flower shapes and patterns helps to incorporate lots of interest within the designs I create.  I adore things that have a bit of movement as the bride walks down the aisle, such as soft foliage or trailing velvet ribbon.”


(Image by Willow & Sage Photography)

Do you have any advice for brides to be, when it comes to selecting their florals for their wedding day?

“Pinterest provides a great platform to gain lots and lots of ideas and get a good feel for the things you love (and don’t love). Definitely create a mood board to bring to the initial flower consult, as it’ll help to define your style. However, I’d err on the side of caution when brides fall in love with a particular bouquet or particular flower. Be aware that some of the designs you see on Pinterest may have been created for a photo shoot that is completed in less that an hour, so some of the beautiful designs and flower selections we fall in love with (on Pinterest) may not be robust enough to last the course of the ceremony, photos and reception, especially in the QLD climate. Of course, I’ll always do my best to create something similar to the designs our couples fall in love with, but I love to bring their own uniqueness to the completed designs.”

Is there an average spend that brides should budget for, when allocating a budget for their wedding florals?

“This is honestly a tough question, as there are so many factors that influence the overall cost of wedding flowers. I do think it is important before you attend the initial consult to have a budget in mind for your flowers. I believe my job is to create stunning designs within your budget expectations.
The cost of your wedding day florals depends on a range of different choices. What type of flowers you decide upon certainly impacts the cost, for example, Cottage Roses are going to be much more expensive than Chrysanthemums or Gerberas. You don’t often see Cottage Roses sold at the supermarket because they are far more expensive and require a lot more conditioning and care. Also, a lot will depend on the the quantity of flowers used, for example, the number of bridesmaids that require bouquets, the number of guest tables that need table arrangements… all impacts the total cost. My advice would be to proritise what is most important to you and your partner for your wedding day and allocate a budget according to that. In addition, remember your bouquets are going to be seen in nearly all of your photos for many years to come, so first and foremost prioritise these over your ceremony and reception flowers.”

If you had to choose an arrangement for your own bouquet, which florals would you choose?

“Great question! I’d love to get married again so that I could wear a really simple yet elegant gown so that I could carry an oversize bouquet filled with Coral Charm Peonies, cottage Roses and lots of cascading Jasmine and Asparagus fern. Trouble is I’d have to plan my wedding for the first two weeks in November….”

And lastly, I’ve heard brides mention that it’s a shame that flowers only last for one day, how do you respond to that?

“I guess this is the beauty of nature and incorporating fresh flowers into such a special day. We use the best quality flowers we can source and they are shown much love as we prepare them for their ultimate destination. I’ve had some brides tell me their flowers lasted a whole week after their wedding day… So if you are heading off on your honeymoon straight away, you could gift your bouquet to your mum or your grandma to enjoy! Just get them to re-cut the stems and place them in fresh water!
For guest table centre-pieces we often recommend using vases and vessels for guests to take home. In the past we’ve created designs in wooden boxes, that are nice and portable so they can be enjoyed for a least a week after your wedding day. Succulents have become quite popular to include in floral styling lately. Apart from adding lots of texture into the designs, they can actually be re-purposed after the wedding for you to enjoy well into the future! Succulents can be carefully removed from the bouquet and planted in the garden or into pots for a bouquet that keeps on giving… These hardy little things don’t require a lot of water and are really easy to look after!
I truly consider flowers an ”investment” worth making for your wedding day, they not only contribute to the overall styling of the day (whilst smelling amazing!), they are in SO many of your photos and are often well remembered by guests. Brides invest in the most stunning of gowns they will more than likely only wear once, so why wouldn’t you invest in fresh flowers too? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!”
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