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Ok… so occasionally I stumble across someone’s work or business (being that I’m always on the lookout for awesome suppliers to share with my brides!) and I fall in love. Seriously. This is what happened when I found Amanda, a Brisbane Wedding Planner from We Heart Events. As soon as I read a little about what she does and why she does it… I knew I had to share it with you! She knows how to make weddings happen – and when I asked her to chat with me about wedding budgets and money (such a pain point for so many couples, yet something that isn’t really talked about) she jumped at it! I know that this is going to help SO many couples… please have a read and make sure you subscribe here to get your copy of her wedding day budget (broken down, dollar by dollar!)

Tell us a little about We Heart Events? What made you want to become a wedding planner/stylist?

There are lots of reasons about why I enjoy my job….But what gets me out of the bed in the morning is my real belief that weddings can change the world (seriously!). Weddings are a time for intense love, optimism and hope. And I believe if you have more time to tap in to this joy our world will be better for it. What do I mean by this?

If you spend less time worrying about the logistics, you have more time to spend with friends, spreading the joy and excitement. If you are less stressed about your budget, you have more love and patience to nurture your relationships (because let’s face it – it’s not always sunshine and rainbows with your family).

This is the underlying philosophy of everything behind We Heart Events.


I recently came across your example budget that you created, can you share what was your inspiration behind this? 

I have spoken with couples spending less than $10,000 to $50,000+. All of them have said their budget has been the number one cause of stress leading up to their day. I totally understand that. When my then-boyfriend-now-husband attend our first wedding together, the bride casually told us it cost $20,000. We both choked on our canapés and swore we would never spend that type of money on our wedding. Three years and nearly $30,000 later we totally did and then some!

Every couple goes through this ‘sticker shock’ to some degree, so I figured, why not give you a look at an actual real wedding budget from the get go?

I think if you have a better understanding in the early stages of your planning just what your wedding might cost, you will be in a better position to establish your priorities and/or adjust the vision for your day to suit. It can be so much harder when you get further and further into the planning, because you’ve gotten so invested in your original ideas. Which takes away some of the joy. And I’m all about avoiding that!

To access a copy of Amanda’s wedding budget example (it’s seriously a dollar by dollar breakdown), click here to subscribe!

Being a wedding planner, what do you find brides often overlook when they are creating their wedding budgets? 

  1. Really understanding all the fees involved – The quotes you source at the beginning of your planning might change once you have more specific information to work from. For example, if you get a quote from a supplier based in Brisbane but then decide to hold your wedding on the Sunshine Coast, there may be additional travel fees. I would recommend asking these questions on your very first enquiry for all vendors:
  • Is there a minimum spend? (especially important to ask about with styling companies, hire companies and your venue)
  • If so, does the minimum spend change for different days/times of year? (Especially if you haven’t got a date in mind)
  • Is delivery, set up and pick up fees included in the minimum spend or additional?
  • Is delivery, set up and pick up fees included in the quote?
  • Are there any additional travel fees to be aware of?
  • Is GST included in the quote?
  1. Not factoring in cost of styling from the beginning! – I know that my brides ‘get it’. That the most important thing is the man standing in front of them, and the big, awesome commitment they are making…but they also look forward to letting their creativity and sense of style shine through in their wedding. It pains me when some brides get disheartened and disappointed when they can’t match their vision to their budget. Having worked on weddings with $2,500 to $10,000 styling budgets it is really hard for me to make a generalisation about what you should allocate, but I will say this – if styling is fairly high on your priorities, then you can expect to spend at least $2,000 as a bare minimum.
  1. Not factoring in the cost of an On the Day Coordinator – I don’t think everyone needs a wedding planner… but I would say most couples would benefit from an On the Day Coordinator. I receive many enquiries from brides that are a few months from their wedding day. They are realising just how much work is involved in getting everything finalised, and how much help they will need on the day. They know they need to delegate jobs, but are hesitant to ask their guests, so they are contemplating using an On the Day Coordinator…But because they haven’t factored in the cost from the start, their decision becomes all the more difficult. A less stressful approach is factoring in a minimum of $900 for On the Day Coordination at the very beginning. It is then easier to make the decision at a later stage, based purely on how your plans are coming together.


What is one piece of advice you can give brides to make their wedding day run smoothly? 


Think back to the last time you attended a dinner party. As a guest you were able to relax, drink your wine and talk with friends carefree. Now think back to the last time you hosted a dinner party. Constantly keeping an eye on the clock, checking the oven, perhaps slightly flustered as you juggle boiling the carrots with roasting the potato’s. Your wine glass barely touched, as you were more concerned with keeping your guests entertained.

You need to delegate or you may find yourself feeling like the latter on your wedding day.

Whether it’s hiring an on the day coordinator, leaning on your bridesmaids for support or giving one job to each member of your family – delegate jobs. Trust that it will all come together so that you can relax and be truly present for this freaking awesome moment!


Amanda, thank you SO much for sharing this with us – I cannot wait to see what the future holds for your business and all the couples that you help become husband and wife!!
If you want to chat to Amanda about your wedding day (trust me, she is so lovely – you won’t regret it!), please use the links below:
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