Feature Friday #5 – Floralovely Wedding Calligraphy

I have always had a special place in my heart for handwritten notes and pretty lettering… there is just something about receiving something in the mail that just makes my heart sing. You can imagine how excited I was to work with the lovely & talented Louise from Floralovely Calligraphy for a winter inspiration shoot last year (click here to see it!)… and now, I thought what a perfect person to interview for all the gorgeous brides out there, wanting amazing calligraphy on their wedding invitations. Check out our chat below:

1. Tell us a little about Floralovely Calligraphy?
Prior to starting Floralovely Calligraphy, I was a full time wedding florist. I adored my job as a florist, however once I had my first child, my priorities changed and I realised that wedding floristry wasn’t going to work for me and my family situation. So I decided to focus my creative attention on modern calligraphy and really try to develop my own style. My business began with a few word-of-mouth recommendations and started to grow once I started sharing my work on Instagram. My work consists of mainly wedding orders for things like invitations, envelope calligraphy and place cards but I also run workshops now so people can learn about what I do and how I do it!
2. Louise, it honestly looks hard! If a bride is wanting to do her own calligraphy for her invitations, where should she start? What piece of advice would you give her?
It is very different to writing with a regular pen or pencil! I would say unless you have some experience with pointed pen calligraphy, I wouldn’t attempt it! However if you have done a class or two and have been practising, it is quite special to say you wrote the calligraphy yourself, so go for it!

3. You mentioned that you also run calligraphy workshops, can you tell us a little about them? 
I have designed my workshops for absolute beginners. I get so many enquiries from people wanting to learn calligraphy but they find themselves overwhelmed with the calligraphy supplies and aren’t sure where to begin! There are some great online courses now and of course you can learn from books too, but I find the best place to start is with an in-person class. Just a tiny adjustment of your hand or the nib can mean the difference between scratchy, uncomfortable writing and smooth, flowing writing. I provide all the supplies you need to begin and guide participants through nib handling, ink dipping and how to use pressure on your nib to create the beautiful thick and thin lines that are associated with calligraphy.
The Floralovely Workshop is not about perfecting letterforms straight away, that will come with further practice. They are designed to be a friendly, no-pressure way of beginning your journey into the world of modern calligraphy. It’s not about perfection, it’s about starting!

4. What has been your most favourite order (if you had to choose one!) and why? 
That’s a tough one! Every order is so different, which I love. I did have an order earlier this year where I had to write in gold ink onto fresh eucalyptus leaves – that was fun! Another really memorable order was writing messages onto the glass (not the labels) of 126 bottles of Moët! I really enjoy every order from addressing envelopes in shimmering copper ink to writing wedding vows in classic black ink to be framed and treasured forever. It’s a special job, I love it and I’m so grateful to be doing it.
5. For all our small business owners out there, how do you balance being a mum and having your own business? Can you share something that you have found has worked for you? 
For me, I dedicate most nights to calligraphy as well as Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The rest of the time I am enjoying being with my children, going to swimming lessons or the park – I don’t want to look back and think I should have spent more time with them when they were little (they are 4 and 2 years old). It is hard to keep up with it all sometimes, but making a list of priorities and working through it point by point always helps. And being a night owl helps too! I think if you are going to own a small business and you have children, you must be able to work at night!

To see more of Louise’s stunning work or to get in touch, find her links below…

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