Feature Friday #7 – We now do wedding films!

I love photography. Always have. Always will… but there is just something about a wedding film that can transport you back to a specific moment, during the wedding day, the way it felt, the way is was. I believe, when done right, wedding films are almost magical. They are almost a time machine. So, feeling as passionate about them as I do – I am super excited that Just For Love Photography will now be offering wedding films to all our couples!! Yay!!

But how you ask?

Well, let me introduce to you – my other half, Nick. Creative, Friendly, Coffee addict, Nick. He is working on his passion, becoming the next Steven Spielberg, through his film making endeavours (if you’re a walking dead fan, you might dig his next one, click here to check out The Cure). But, you know what he really loves? Telling stories… and he’s pretty darn good at it too. So, together, we are adding wedding films (videography is such a boring word for something so magical!) to our packages. I’ve also asked Nick to share some practical, yet essential things for you to know if you’re thinking of adding a wedding film to your day!

Tell us what you love about creating a wedding film?


Well, let’s be honest. Creating a wedding film needs to be so much more than setting up a camera and pressing record. It needs to be creative. It needs to be honest. It needs to tell your story! I totally love being able to tell not just the story of how the wedding day unfolds, but also the love story of the bride & groom. Just by asking both the bride and groom little questions during the morning of the wedding, reveals the sweetest of things – things that over time, might slip from your memory. What an amazing thing to be able to create for a couple and then it is about much more than just your wedding day, it becomes something that can be shared with your children and their children. It becomes a family heirloom.


How long does it take to edit a wedding film? I’ve heard it can take months and months!


Woah, not from me it won’t! I do put a whole lot of effort and love into all the editing I do (I’m quite the perfectionist – much like Kylie haha) so the time it takes is dependent on a few things, like the length of your film. Generally though, I try to have your wedding film completed within 6 weeks of your wedding day! I promise you won’t have to wait months and months for it, not if you trust it to me!

Are wedding films expensive?


Great question! A few weeks ago, I heard a local wedding planner being asked “why does everything cost so much?” I thought the way that she answered it was pure gold. She confessed the following “Even I was surprised at how much I needed to charge to make a profit and stay in business. Which is very much what you want your suppliers to be doing. You don’t want the stress of losing deposits and finding other suppliers if a business goes bust!” And honestly, that’s the bottom line right there. To make a any sort of business succeed, you have to charge appropriately and that includes the time it takes, from beginning to end. When it comes to good quality, wedding films – it’s not just the 8 hour wedding day that it takes, it hours and hours of editing, colour correcting and syncing up audio. It’s just the facts… but I will say, there are so many things that couples spend money on for their wedding that they only wear or use once, why not invest in something that you can watch over and over and share with loved ones over the years. It sounds like a pretty good investment to me!


Lastly, what exactly are you offering through Just For Love Photography?


Kylie & I have all sorts of packages. She has always been flexible in what she offers as she knows that different things are important to different couples. By adding video, we have just extended what we can do for weddings. If you just want photography, no worries – we can do that. If you just want a wedding film, I’d love to make it for you. If you want both (which c’mon, you should!) then we can look after you… and it means that you just have to deal with one business, instead of two. So much simpler for you when it comes to timelines, payments, emails… everything! Oh, and I also do pretty cool engagement films… check out this one that I did for a couple in Newcastle – that was then picked up by Newcastle Bride as an advert… I guess they liked it!

So… are you as excited as we are? We would love to hear your thoughts… and hey, if you are already a Just For Love Photography couple and would love a video, contact us today and we can organise to catch up for a chat! Maybe a dinner date perhaps. Happy Friday!!



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