Feature Friday #8: Wheel & Spoon – Wedding Ice Cream!

Ice cream is one of my favourite things. Like Ever. Especially in winter, snuggled up in a blanket, in front of a fire. A trait I inherited from my late granddad and hey it might seem weird, but… it makes me incredibly happy. It is for this reason (and many others) that I am so excited to share with you this weeks Feature Friday.

Today, Erin from the amazing Wheel & Spoon is sharing with us, all about her Ice cream tricycle and why she loves what she does…


Tell us a little about Wheel & Spoon… how did the ice-cream tricycle come about? 

In 2010, after getting engaged, I began collecting vintage prop pieces to style my own wedding. It grew into a passion for event styling. I desired to bring a certain atmosphere, with elements of fun, whimsy and nostalgia. The difficulties of bringing such a big project to life, led me to explore different avenues of the wedding industry in order to find something more unique and niche. In searching, I realised I could still impact the aesthetic and contribute a fun atmosphere for everyone’s special day with a vintage ice-cream cart. This was the beginning of Wheel & Spoon.

I began developing the idea, taking inspiration from wooden street vendors of the early 1900s. I found my niche in made-to-order ice cream sandwiches. Experimenting with cookie and ice cream combinations…I bake all my own cookies from scratch using quality ingredients and sourced gelato and sorbet from local family owned businesses. Since our initial wooden ice cream cart, we have upgraded to an ice cream tricycle. Imported from England, this new model is more practical, and holds more ice cream. Of course, the more ice cream you have, the happier everyone will be!

Did you guys have ice cream (or something equally as cute) at your own wedding?

Actually, we didn’t have any ice-cream at our wedding!…we thought about hiring a 1960’s vintage soft-serve truck, like a hipsterfied Mr Whippy, to roll in after the ceremony. We pictured our guests lighting up when they heard the familiar tune, lining up for a cold treat, with childlike excitement, on a hot, sunny, Summer’s day. Unfortunately, in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and even on the day, the rain was relentless. Brisbane city even flooded a week a later. Still, we had other cute things going on. The rain forced us to move our photos inside, into a retro inspired bowling alley, to match our 1950s theme. Most of the wedding was DIY. We had red-velvet cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. For dinner, we served our guests gourmet style Chinese noodle boxes, with “Eat, drink and be married.” printed on the side.

Little personal touches, like the eclectic mix of antique bottles filled with white and red posies. Keeping things simple, true to ourselves and without blowing the budget.


Now the most important question of them all… what is your favourite ice cream flavour?

Bronte pistachio gelato – It’s a little salty, bold in flavour and not too sweet! Utterly delish.

What is in store for the future for Wheel & Spoon? Any exciting plans in the pipeline?

Right now, we are still finding our feet – putting everything in place and building towards a successful first year. Still, it’s good to dream. We plan on stretching the boundaries, experimenting with way the you serve gelato. Exploring things such as; made-to-order ice cream sandwichessorbet based cocktails and gelato liqueur combinations.

It would be great to have a fleet of Wheel & Spoon tricycles all over South East Queensland – bringing joy to our corner of the world!

Do you have any advice for brides planning their own wedding?

A wedding is all about celebrating the love you share with your future husband. It’s very personal. So, when it comes to decision making, be sure to choose details which reflect your personality and interests. Not matter what people tell you. Everyone’s special day should be unique and truly your own.

I chose to eliminate some wedding traditions which I felt didn’t fit with my motto of keeping it simple and personal. I only kept what was meaningful to me, making the day about fun, surrounded by the people we love.


To say hi to Erin (she’s so lovely, I know she’d love to hear from you!) or find out more about Wheel & Spoon, click below:

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** please note, the above images were taken by Bulb Creative, not by me!


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