I have to admit, the best thing about my job has to be the people that I meet along the way. It beats the places I get to see, the cake I – occasionally – get to eat and the pretty pictures I get to take. It beats it all… and not just my couples (although they are the best!) This goes for their friends, family and the other wedding vendors too. I’m proud to say, I’m SO in love with my job and the new friendships I make because of it. A few years ago, my path crossed with a lovely – and super talented – videographer Shona (from Fable House Films) and from the first time we met, I adored her. She is just so lovely and honestly would do anything for anyone (she actually filmed my sisters wedding when she was overdue with her second baby – she is that nice!) So imagine my delight when she recommended me to her brother Nick & his fiance Steph that were planning their wedding in Tasmania! Whilst I couldn’t be there in person – I was over the moon to be able to be a part of their wedding experience and help them navigate the planning of this incredibly important day – plus, I got to edit all their images. Bonus!

Fast forward 12 months and these two are now married, becoming husband & wife at the Sacred Heart Church in Hobart and celebrating long into the night at Frogmore Creek Winery for their wedding reception.

Here’s a glimpse into their wedding day story:


Steph’s morning started at her mum’s house in Hobart, getting ready with her nearest & dearest – her gorgeous bridesmaids & mum. As always, her beautiful details were photographed first and wow, did she have some beautiful details!

Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos

** Cutest flower girl alert… if I wasn’t already a mum, I’d be super clucky right about now **


As the morning continued, the bubbles were flowing as was the laughter and joy all through the house. Before long, hair & makeup was done and it was time for photos and for Steph to get into her Karen Willis Holmes wedding dress!

Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Bride-Karen-Willis-HolmesFrogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Bride-Karen-Willis-HolmesFrogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Bride-Karen-Willis-Holmes Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Bride-Karen-Willis-Holmes Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Bride-Karen-Willis-Holmes


Nick & Steph got married in a stunning church in Hobart… I mean, just look at the stained glass in the windows of the chapel. The perfect backdrop for their wedding vows…

Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony

The moment everyone has been waiting for – here comes the bride…

Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony

Introducing Mr & Mrs Stratton!

Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Church-Ceremony


After a lovely wedding ceremony, it was time for their bridal portraits… Since their reception was being held at the stunning Frogmore Creek Winery, it made sense to take advantage of the gorgeous property and use it for their bridal portraits too…

Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Bridal-Party-Karen-Willis-Holmes Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Bridal-Party-Karen-Willis-Holmes Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Bridal-Party-Karen-Willis-Holmes Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Bridal-Party-Karen-Willis-Holmes

It helps to have such a stunning couple and a bridal party that’s on point too… you guys made our job WAY too easy!



Nick & Steph held their wedding reception in the Barrel Room of Frogmore Creek Winery – and seriously, those festoon lights gave me all the heart eyes as soon as I saw them. Honestly, if there is one thing you need to do for your Reception, it’s hire festoon lights (they are just so pretty and make for much nicer photos than their smaller fairy light counterparts!)

Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Reception Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Reception Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Reception Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Reception

The newlyweds entered to the sound of a roaring applause and celebrated the night away with their guests. Living in Sydney, they had friends & family travel from all over Australia to be there (Nick’s family are in Queensland, Steph’s in Tassie and they have friends in Sydney and all over!) which added even more excitement than normal!

Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-ReceptionFrogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-ReceptionFrogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Reception Frogmore-Creek-Winery-Tasmania-Wedding-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photo-Photos-Reception

Nick & Steph, congratulations again you guys. I’m so thankful that Shona recommended us to you and that you trusted us to document your first married day together! I have so much love for you both!


I’d love to hear what you think – leave me a comment below (it honestly will make my day!) and I’m sure the newlyweds would appreciate some kind words to: