I must admit, I am a little on the naive side. I like to think that it is just me believing the best in people and in every circumstance… and whether it is a result of my country upbringing I’m not sure, but things often happen that make me realise just how naive I actually am. For example, when I started my own business, I thought I would be free to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I imagined I would be free to choose my own work hours and free to work from the comfort of my bed. Almost a year later, I know that isn’t the case… while each day, I do enjoy moments of freedom that I never had working a 9-5 job as an employee, being self employed comes with a whole new set of stress that I, naively, hadn’t realised.


I had a particularly hard day on Wednesday last week and found myself feeling frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed. I was frustrated that there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day (even when I’m working 10 hours a day, every day), anxious for the future (I have found being in control of your income can cause a lot of anxiety, especially when bookings might slow or you have a gap in your wedding season) and overwhelmed with my workload (with 2 weddings, 2 engagement sessions, a portrait shoot and blog posts to get done before we fly to the UK next week)… and all of this, took a huge toll on my personal life. I have found that happens all the time, when you are so invested in your job, in your business. When it is another facet of who you are… it can’t help but influence your personal life.

So… after some tears and a bath, I decided to focus not on the pressures of running a business and being self employed, but on the positives. I listed some of the things I love about my job. About my life. About Just For Love Photography and what it means to me… this is what I came up with:

♥ My job allows me to visit new places all over the world.

♥ I get to spend at least one day a week working completely at home… in silence. With maybe a private dance off in the kitchen while I make lunch.

♥ I don’t have to wear makeup everyday.

♥ My job allows me to meet amazing couples and become friends with people that I wouldn’t generally get to know otherwise.

♥ I get paid for something that I love doing.

♥ In addition to documenting life with my camera, I get to write about it and help other photographers become the best they can be!


Just taking a couple minutes to be thankful, refilled my heart and gave me a new perspective… it made me realise that we can choose how we see everything we are going through, the good, the bad or the ugly. If you’re struggling or feeling a little frustrated, anxious or overwhelmed, treat yourself to your own little thankful list… and a bath. It will change your day – and the direction it is taking.

Much love, Kylie xx