Your girls have been with you through thick & thin. Through everyday life… the ups, the downs and now leading up to this moment when you’re going to marry the guy of your dreams, they are there now too. This is what I think life is all about, doing it surrounded by your tribe – doing it together.

But now you’ve asked them to be your bridesmaids, what now? If you’ve opted to give out bridesmaids gifts you’re likely to run into one of two problems. You either have no idea what to get your girls or you’re on a tight budget and can’t find good gifts within your price range. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of 5 beautiful bridesmaid gift ideas under $50! Yay!!

1. A pair of Tilkah Star Studs for your girls – $49.95

These babies come in a variety of colours, so depending on what will suit your wedding vibe, you might want to choose differently – but I just fell in love with the greige version. Just remember to check that all your girls have their ears pierced… (not everyone does, I don’t!) otherwise it could get awkward!


2. Cristina Re “Words of Wisdom” Mug – $19.95

I love these – it might be because they are so inspirational – but I also love the idea of your girls pulling this cup out every morning for years to make a cup of tea (or coffee) and thinking of you. You could also pair it with a nice relaxing blend of tea from T2 (my favourite is French Earl Grey) for the perfect little thank you gift!


3. Bottle of custom nail polish from Say It With Polish – $18

I love that you can customise these bottles of nail polish with exactly what you want to say! Imagine gifting this to your girls in a shade that they can wear on your wedding day – with say, a bottle of bubbly! Turn it into a girls night and enjoy some bubbles while painting your nails – I know they would all appreciate the thought & effort of this little gift… and hey, while you’re there, why not nab yourself a little bottle!


4. Glasshouse Fragrance Amalfi Coast Luxury Travel Pack & Body Bar – $44.90

So, your girls might not be able to come on your honeymoon with you, but i’m sure they would love to think of themselves travelling along the Amalfi Coast – I mean, who wouldn’t!! This little pack is just beautiful and even after adding the body bar, a bargain under $50.


5. Gift pack from Pretty Plum Sugar – $41

Looking at some of the smaller items on Pretty Plum Sugar, you can really create a beautiful little gift pack for your girls for under $50. Here I’ve included a You Are Loved Tote Bag, Cosmetic Bay & printed Eye Mask! Wouldn’t this be just amazing to receive?


… and being that I’m never that great at sticking to a budget, I just had to share one of my ultimate favourites with you, even though it’s a tad over the $50!

A Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot Ring – $79-$99 (or try and grab some when they are on sale, which do happen every now and again!) Plus, they come delivered in the most gorgeous wooden carved boxes… your girls will go crazy – and you can get a photo like this perhaps!


So, there you go loves!! I hope these ideas help you love on your bridesmaids and show them how much they mean to you!