Hey gorgeous!

I almost cannot believe that we are halfway through 2014. Talk about a whirl wind of a year! You might not remember but back in January, I set out some very specific intentions for my year to come. Not really new year resolutions (no gym joining for me this year! Tried that one before!) but more attitudes that I wanted to aim for. You can read that little determined post here! Well, being that it is a little over halfway through, I thought that it was a good time to take check and evaluate just how I was tracking…take pulse if you will.

Generally, I would have to say I’m a pretty positive person (well maybe not first thing in the morning I’ll be honest, it does take me a couple hours to warm up and get going…) but all in all, I am more of a Positive Polly than a Negative Nancy. My first intention was to abandon any extra baggage that I might have been carrying. Throw away that bag full of fear or doubt and focus on the amazing things that were possible. I think I am going pretty well so far…I have made some big changes this year (launching a wedding magazine, shooting styles and genres that are out of my comfort zone, meeting new people, trying out networking events… BUT there is even more in store for the second half of the year and I couldn’t be more excited! I am embracing it all and while I know some things might not go to plan (they rarely do!)…I also believe that they might just be fabulous!

Secondly, I wanted to frame my world with words overflowing with love, grace and joy. Reflecting on this year so far, I am happy that I have been mindful of this so far…BUT, I have also found myself tired and grumpy (I know it’s hard to imagine!) and not so loving and joyful…more often than I would like to admit. This I can improve on in the second half of the year, I’m sure of it (and Nick will appreciate this too!).

Lastly, I remember declaring that I would get crazy with my gratefulness. Spread it around like thick, creamy icing on a cake, all over my life. I think this springs straight to mind as it mentions cake…! Cake or no cake though, I am SUPER grateful. When I started this year, I had a handful of weddings booked, which being that they were all amazing couples with killer ideas, that trusted me completely to document their day, it was an incredible feeling. With my little business goal to book 10 weddings in 2014…I was well on my way…my thinking was that if I could do that, it was a strong start to build upon for future years, eventually leading me into full time photography work! So…I am completely grateful and proud to say that I now have 13 amazing couples booked in, with even a wedding in SOUTH AFRICA next year…and it’s only July! Very very exciting and certainly something that I am completely grateful for.

So, how are you doing gorgeous? Why don’t you take a few minutes to reflect on your year so far, I’d love to hear what challenges you are facing or what are you super grateful for?

Until next time, stay fabulous! xx