Hey gorgeous!

Reading this you may just be catching your breath after a huge year and a busy Christmas (I hope you took some time out for yourself this holiday season!) and now looking toward 2014, you’re exhausted and thinking “can i just sleep first?” (or is that just me!). Well, as we all know, this time of year can be BIG, but as we wave goodbye to 2013 and welcome in the new year, there are a few things I find useful to refocus and prepare for the year ahead… if you can just do one of these, I promise gorgeous, you’ll feel better for it!

1. Extra Baggage

Here you are…your checking in for 2014. You have your super cute bag, check. Suitcase, check. Eye mask, check. Ok, you think, I’m adventure ready! Now the part we all hold our breathe for, they have to weigh your suitcase right? Sigh. Why did I pack all 6 pairs of shoes again? We all know the drill. Maybe this analogy is coming from all my thoughts about my own trip overseas this year (I can say this year now, how exciting!), but it is worthy of a thought…what are you taking into the new year? Fear. Anxiety. Doubt. Let’s throw those out..they are so last year! Let’s replace them with confidence, calmness and purpose. Sounds like a much better outfit, don’t you think? Plus, now you can bring all 6 pairs of shoes. Score!

Seriously gorgeous, grab a pen and jot down a list of things that you have felt over the past 12 months, that may have limited you, made you doubt you potential or self-worth or even made you re-think your dreams. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to show anyone. Ok, have your list? Now, start tearing it up, smaller and smaller until you can’t make the words out anymore. These words, feelings and thoughts, aren’t for you. You’re fashioned for great things. Let this stuff go. Feel good? I know it does. Pop that rubbish in the bin, where it belongs!

2. Words that frame your world…

This little sentiment is something that I try to live by everyday. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. I believe and have seen time and time again, that the words you speak, manifest into your life and become tangible. So, in 2014, let’s aim to do all that we can to ensure that all our words are gift wrapped in love and positivity, remember, you control what passes through your lips. What you will begin to notice is that your world, will also be filled with more love and joy than ever before (you’ll be so much happier!). It’s not always easy, especially when you’re tired or stressed (I’m speaking from experience here!) but, if you dig deep in these times, you will find this then becomes a habit, this becomes how you think, act and speak. It will change your life.

Let’s start in 2014 gorgeous.

3. Get Grateful

Thank your year. Show thanks to your body, mind and spirit for carrying you through. Thank your family for being there, your friends for making you laugh, your lover for dabbing your tears (a massive mention to my hairy love Nick – he has a hairy face at the moment, he is a talented and well practiced tear dabber). Thank the good times for tasting so sweet, the tough times for showing you how strong you really are. Thank the simple provisions, the roof over your head and meals that nourished your body (thanks Jamie – Yep, me and Jamie Oliver are on a first name basis! haha) Thank the money in your bank account, the movie you just saw or dream you uncovered. Get crazy with your gratefulness. Spread it around like thick, creamy icing on your life. You deserve it…and who doesn’t love a good dose of icing!

With my very next breathe and thought, I want to spread some of that grateful love all over you gorgeous! Thank you for being you. For supporting and encouraging me. For sharing your life and love with little ol’ me. For reading these words on the page, and looking at the photographs I capture. It honestly means the world and has made 2013 an amazing, inspiring, love filled 12 months. Here are a couple things that made my past year incredible:

I moved back to Queensland! As much as I love my New South Wales brides and friends, Queensland is my home state and I love it here… here is a photo from our move of Nick (he was really excited to be towing a trailer…it’s one of those manly things I guess…

I started this blog!!!! What a huge step toward my dream. What a nerve racking, intimidating step. But I did it and i’m so proud…and I couldn’t have done this without you, gorgeous. Thanks again for reading my words and looking over my pictures.

– We went on a week long holiday to the Whitsunday’s with Nick’s lovely family (chartering a yacht and everything, they know how to do it in style!)…first time in my 28 years that i’ve been to the Great Barrier Reef. I know, I know. Better late than never right…Have you been before? I just loved it!

– I finally took the plunge and got braces. My toothy pegs were in a lot of pain but I am so excited that they are now getting so straight…you just wait, soon there will be no stopping me smile! Actually, braces or not, there’s no stopping me smile hehe!

– I photographed some gorgeous people in love…and took more selfies than usual! So you can see what I was wearing gorgeous…more to come about that in 2014…

– I continued to study and am now half way through my Primary Education degree. Slow and steady wins the race right…(I just love kids and want to make a difference in their lives and believe education can do that! One of my dreams, is to do a teaching exchange in Cambodia…and take my camera of course. Maybe a teaching photography trip!)

– I got published for the first time in a couple awesome publications…(you can see them here & here)!! you should have heard me when this started happening…I was super excited! It is such an amazing feeling! Almost as good as shooting hehe

– One of my new year resolutions for 2013, was to take more photographs of things that happen in my life over the year. I love taking photo’s for other people, that it turns out I don’t have any of myself, my friends or my love, Nick. We are in our fourth year of dating and have no photo’s together!! and i’m a photographer! So, I bought a polaroid camera and lots of film…and used it whenever we did something fun, special or just because… I’ll have to show you when i’m done!

So..this year…carrying that theme across, I am going to do a photo a day challenge! Starting today…I’ll make sure I blog about it – I would love you to even join me, it’s going to be fun! To see more photo’s from the year that was, join me on Instagram here!!

Have you made any new year resolutions gorgeous? Any intentions for the coming 12 months to make your life bigger and better? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments!! Or share with me the biggest thing that happened to you in 2013…let’s celebrate together!

Stay Fabulous! xx