Hello gorgeous!

Look at me go! My first two words, two simple words that i have put off writing for weeks…actually months if I’m honest. I have been wanting to start this little piece of internet to call my own for what seems like forever. I thought after almost 4 years of discovering and developing my photography skills and the Just For Love Photography brand, it’s about time! Better late than never right. So, here I am, on the train, earphones in, absorbed in starting this online journal, completely unaware of the other commuters. Even the two tuckshop ladies sitting behind me, gossiping about Lorraine (she might have had a really good reason for not going to bingo, you know) and sharing their recipe for – what sounds like really tasty – mince pies. Ok, so now I am listening to them. Focus Kylie. I do love a good mince pie.

I have to say I do have some really exciting things planned for this blog. So many so that I couldn’t wait any longer to start it. I have big, fabulous, glittery dreams and I can’t wait to share them with you. What will they look like? Well, that is something that you are have to wait and see darling. I can say, that I am all for sharing everything, the pretty, the ugly, the crazy, the embarrassing and well, everything life throws at me (hopefully there is more pretty, than anything else!). I will be honest in every word i share, every word I write, brutally honest even. No matter what that looks like.

I had a diary when I was a teen (disguised as a school book, my sister would NEVER look at that, you see!) that I used to spend hours in my room filing the lined pages with poetry. Given they were super corny and mostly song lyrics rewritten, a big thanks to Mariah & Celine for that (there may have been some copyright issues there, just quietly). I still have them somewhere though, over ten years ago now . Why have I kept them? Anyone that knows me will tell you it’s because i’m crazy sentimental. And while that is totally true…I believe with all my heart, that there is something really powerful in the process of reflection. In looking back to a time and place, and reading about where you were, what you were doing, feeling, dreaming…and seeing how far you have travelled on this crazy road we call life. Even if looking back does cause a giggle and maybe some blushing.

The thought of this has been my inspiration…and what now begins. Mixed in with couples in love that I have the privilege of photographing and also, some amazing words of inspiration and insight into the world of others in the wedding industry, both local and all over the world. We are on a journey gorgeous, and I hope that you will join me. It is much more fun together…and I promise, I won’t mention Mariah or Celine again :)

Stay Fabulous,

Kylie xx