Over the years I’ve come to think that my work and style is best showcased at vineyards, farms and venues with big open spaces… I just love big compositions and landscapes for portraits! The Hunter Valley is just so perfect for us and we LOVE shooting there… plus our love of wine helps a little too! Seriously though, it’s the combination of the vineyards, mountains and that pretty rural light that makes for so many amazing portrait locations, so needless to say we were super excited to be documenting Michael & Sarah’s amazing wedding in the Hunter Valley at Ironbark Hill Vineyard last Friday.

Here is a glimpse into their Wedding Day story:


Sarah decided to get ready at Ironbark Hill Retreat, a luxury cabin just up the road from the venue – which meant they were nice and close for the Ceremony, which made the morning that much more relaxed & enjoyable for her and her bridesmaids & family! We had been watching the weather forecast all week, with thunderstorms predicted we were ready with umbrellas and wet weather gear, but the clouds held tight and only let out a few showers throughout the whole day – something that everyone was very grateful for…


Sarah’s Wedding Dress was from the gorgeous girls at Made With Love Bridal… and wow, it took my breath away! That lace was just stunning and the dress fit Sarah perfectly!


Before long, the time had come for her to pop on her gorgeous gown – with the help of her lovely mum, Penny. It’s these moments that are just so precious…

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek

Meanwhile, Michael was relaxing with his groomsmen in a cabin at Ironbark Hill Vineyard… I must say, his details were so on point, I was excited to be a little creative with his velvet suit jacket and grooms attire. The polished concrete floor was the perfect base!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek

There was such a relaxing vibe with a game of cards & laughs all round… even their gorgeous daughter Mia was enjoying some time with her daddy on their Wedding Day (p.s she is just the cutest little girl – I could photograph her all day long!)

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek

As the clock ticked away and the Ceremony time got closer and closer – it was time to put away the cards and for Michael and his groomsmen to get dressed! Michael’s mum Evelyn was there to help (this always makes it even more special and it’s these moments parents remember forever)…


A quick walk up through the vines to the Hunter Valley Ironbark Hill Chapel to start greeting guests and waiting for his bride to arrive…

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-GreekHunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek-Ceremony Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek-Ceremony

Sarah arrived in a 1950’s super stretch Kombi (I had never seen a stretch before, apparently there are only 2 in Australia – AMAZING) with her bridesmaids and father, Ray. I just love documenting this before moments with a bride and her dad!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Ceremony Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Ceremony

Before Sarah entered, it was Mia’s turn. Hoping that she’d see her Daddy and run up to him – the collective ooh’s and aaah’s coming from a chapel full of people were a little overwhelming and she stopped still. Mia, I don’t blame  you at all – I would have been overwhelmed too! Michael scooped her up and she got a quick hug with her Daddy before her Mummy was due to walk down the aisle. I can say, there were just as many ooh’s & aaah’s when Sarah made her entrance – what a stunner!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek-CeremonyHunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-GreekHunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek-Ceremony Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek-Ceremony

Their Wedding Ceremony was just beautiful… and I just loved that technology allowed them to live stream it over to Greece so that Michael’s elderly Grandmother was able to watch her grandson become a husband and enter this next chapter of his life. This is what it’s all about guys – using technology and smart phones to share moments with those we love on the other side of the world. Three cheers for Facebook Live!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek-Ceremony Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek-CeremonyHunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek-Ceremony

After their Ceremony, it was time for their Bridal Portraits… we set off in the Kombi just down the road to a spot Nick & I had scouted the day before (that’s why we always location scout the best spots for photo and video before the Wedding – it’s SO important!) Honestly, this is what my dreams were of the night before their Wedding – just look at that view and you can see why!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bridal-Portraits Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bridal-Portraits Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bridal-Portraits

I just adore everything about this time we had – the bridal party, the bride & groom, the scenery – everything was just PERFECT! Michael & Sarah, can we do it all again please…


Speechless. This scene just reminds me of Tuscany in Italy – my favourite place in the whole wide world… the perfect backdrop for the perfect couple!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bridal-Portraits Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Bridal-Portraits

Meanwhile, all of their guests were enjoying canapes in the Hunter Valley’s Ironbark Hill Vineyard! This is another reason why having two photographers is awesome! I was working with another photographer Alice (who is super talented and lovely to boot!) so she was able to stay and document canapes, while I was photographing Bridal Portraits! I think it’s fantastic for the couple to see what their guests were up to while they were off site – and this is how we can make that happen! Thanks Alice!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-ReceptionHunter-Valley-Ironbark-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek

The gorgeous sandstone Reception room at Ironbark Hill Estate was stunning – Enzo Weddings sure know how to deliver on a perfect Wedding Venue, made complete with ornate chandeliers and big glass doors overlooking the vineyard below!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception

Once the newlyweds entered, it was time for the real celebration to begin! There were heartfelt speeches…

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception

A bridesmaid speech that turned into a personalised rap to the one and only Vanilla Ice (Ice, Ice Baby…) you guys, just wait until you see this on video!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception

There was cake cutting and a first dance to be shared…

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception

Followed by some AMAZING Greek Entertainment & Bouzouki player…

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception

Wow, these guys sure do know how to have fun! Not a single guest was still seated… a sure sign that their Wedding Reception was enjoyed by EVERYONE!

Michael & Sarah, thank you so much for trusting us to document your wedding through photography & film. It was such an amazing day and we cannot wait to show you both more! Here’s to an amazing future together as husband & wife!

Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-Reception Hunter-Valley-Ironbark-Hill-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Greek-ReceptionHunter-Valley-Ironbark-Winery-Vineyard-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer-Greek

A huge thanks to the following vendors for making Michael & Sarah’s wedding day as amazing as it was:

Wedding Venue: Ironbark Hill VineyardPeter Drayton Wines, Hunter Valley NSW

Photography & Videography: Just For Love Photography & Film | Stylist: Material Girlz Event Styling | Bridal Gown: Made With Love Bridal | Bridesmaid Dresses: Brides To Be Central Coast | Hair Stylist: April from Teaze Hair Boutique | Makeup Artist: Kayla Clifford | Groom Attire & Groomsmen Suits: Just For Him Menswear | Groom’s Barber: Brenden from Blends & Brothers | Transport: Krusin Kombi’s | Florist: The Petal Sisters | Cake: Wild Rose Sweets | Catering: Enzo Weddings | Invitation Suite: Creative Escapade