When I first started my business, I was living in Newcastle (cue music of waves crashing on the beach) and was lucky enough to shoot weddings in spectacular spots, not just Newcastle, but in Sydney as well. It was an amazing way to start by any means, surrounded by so much inspiration. Then when Nick and I moved to Brisbane, a funny thing happened. I was still getting bookings from Newcastle brides, as well as Brisbane couples, but occasionally, I would get an email or phone call where the caller was disappointed that I had moved and voiced that they wanted someone local. That got me thinking… why?

Let me first say, I am all for supporting local businesses and trust me, from a market loving, small business owner, will buy local products (especially if they are handmade!) 110% of the time. But does wedding photography have to be sourced locally? I don’t think so… and I think there are actually benefits if your tog isn’t local. Let me share with you what I’ve heard and my thoughts on the whole deal:


I know myself when I travel somewhere new, I am inspired in a whole new way than if I have shot at a particular location ten times already. There is a challenge in that as well and depending on your photographer and whether they are up for it or whether they shoot your wedding the same way that they shot the last nine, that is something you’ll have to suss out for yourself, but I can say with certainty, that if they are seeing your wedding venue with fresh, inspired eyes, your wedding pictures will also reflect this!


Ok, so yes, there are travel costs you have to consider and depending on the photographer you are looking at, this can be expensive. But, I know, when I travel for a wedding, I don’t care if I’m on a $49 red eye flight, cramped in the back of a Getz with your grandma or sleeping in a motel that depicts the 60’s perfectly (faded wallpaper and all) I’m there to photograph your love and the day that you marry your best friend… and hey, I want to do this for the cheapest way you can get me there (I mean, that means more money for you guys on your honeymoon right, yippee!) but it also means for that little bit extra, you get me. You get my pictures. You get my style. So, if you love what I do (or any photographer for that matter) don’t settle, just because you might need to throw grandma some petrol money or pay for a Jetstar flight. The future married you, will thank you.


Hmmm, maybe this is true, but we can still get to know each other. I email, I Skype, I FaceTime, I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, I make videos for you to watch, I write blogs about the going on’s in my life… Oh and I have a mobile that you can call anytime to chat or even sent me a text. Safe to say, you’ll get to know me pretty well! We actually might become friends…and hey, still want to meet face to face, there are long weekends for a reason, I’d love an excuse to come and see you!

My heart behind writing this post, is to hopefully open your eyes and heart to the possibility that just because a photographer is local, doesn’t mean that they are the best fit for your wedding. Extend your search, don’t be limited by where they live. Fall in love with the style of their photographs, get to know them, see what it would cost to get them to your wedding… And then make your decision. Just please don’t settle.