If we have done a shoot together, you will know that I just love soft natural light, I even squeal a little when it’s just right (seriously, I get so excited!)

Being a natural light photographer, light really is everything to me. I choose to only use my flash at the reception of a wedding, after the sun has gone down. “Why is that?” I hear you ask…I believe that my job as a wedding photographer is to capture how the wedding day ‘feels’, the warmth, the love, documenting it all for you and your husband (that has a good ring to it doesn’t it gorgeous!) to look back on in the years to come, remembering the day exactly, down to how the sun shone in the sky and the butterflies you felt fluttering in your stomach. For me, to be able to achieve this for you, lighting is key, yet with so many other things to think about (and I get it, there is a lot to do!) it often gets overlooked. So, with this in mind, I wanted to share a few little ideas that you can include into your wedding day preparation (or not, totally up to you of course…), that will result in extra spectacular photographs.


It’s finally here, the day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl (or at least since he proposed…) you and your fiancé are getting married today! I love the morning of a wedding day, the air is electric with excitement and anticipation. It is the perfect place to begin the narrative of your day, from the photographs of the amazing dress you fell in love with, to the glances of adoration and love from your parents. So many moments happen in those few hours and really great lighting, helps to capture those moments as beautifully as possible.

For the absolute best in getting ready pictures, try and make sure that the room you get ready in has a big window (or lots of windows – the most important thing here, is that they allow a lot of light to flow into the room), and light coloured walls (this helps reflect the light evenly, meaning that no matter where you stand, the light will be divine!). Hello beautiful bride…and handsome groom!

Try and avoid rooms where you need to have any artificial lights turned on. For example, some hotel rooms are quite dark (I always sleep so well when I stay in a hotel!) so make sure that if you’re planning to get ready there, that you can draw the curtains back and get enough natural light into the room (some hotel rooms have that thin chiffon type curtains that are permanently attached to the windows so you can’t open them up… worth a little visit before your wedding to make sure your room doesn’t have these!) Artificial lights (tungsten bulbs, fluorescent lights, even mixed with natural light) can make skin tones look a little strange in photos, so all natural light when available is much better (and way more flattering) option!

So… just to recap.

Big windows, tick.

Lots of natural light, tick.

Light coloured walls, tick.

If you are struggling with where to get ready or questioning whether a location is suitable, please shoot me an email, text or call me (whatever you prefer) and I’d be more than happy to help! Even if I’m not your wedding photographer… I care about your wedding images and want you to have the best of the best… Honestly.

* Food for thought: Professional wedding photographers can take amazing images no matter what is thrown at them, so if you do end up getting ready in a dark room, somewhere underground, we will make it work. In saying that, I just feel like you are going to love your images that little bit more, if some thought has gone into the venue that you choose to get ready in and the lighting that it has to offer…