It’s funny you know, most of my couples and some of our friends, actually think we’re already married. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been together for almost 9 years… and you’re a wedding photographer. People think that you’ve got the whole married thing sorted out!

Sure, we’ve talked about it. I sometimes dreamt about it (you guys know how romantic I am) but as the years passed, life went on you know. We built our businesses together, we went on some incredible overseas adventures, we had a baby. Honestly, I felt like our little life was pretty perfect (in a normal person that still has problems kind of way – we are far from story book happily ever after perfect believe me!) and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Then, a month ago while we were on our first family holiday in Fiji – Nick asked me to marry him. Cue gasp.  I honestly wasn’t expecting it at all! I was that shocked that after he asked me, I didn’t answer for what I’m sure to him, felt like a very long time. It probably was only 15 seconds… but when you’re on one knee waiting on a response, I bet it feels like a whole lot longer.


So, for those that have been asking me to share what his proposal looked like, let me rewind. If anyone doesn’t want to read all the romantic details (yes, it was pretty romantic, he did so well!) then you can stop reading. I’ll take your congratulations now ;)

By the way, these photos weren’t taken at the proposal, my friend Kaitlin (from Kaitlin Maree Photography) took them during a family photo session about 6 months ago. We’re working on having more of our own photos now we have little Spencer… Before I fell pregnant, we only had selfies & polaroids – and you guys, I’m a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. To not have professional photos taken of ourselves and our loved ones is so awful… so yes, engagement photos will be coming soon!

SO, back to the proposal… as I mentioned, a few weeks ago we went on our first family holiday to Fiji. We’d never been before and it was the first time taking our little human Spencer overseas (he was 10 months old at the time) so we were pretty excited. We were there for a week and were lucky enough to be going with Nick’s immediate family too (his parents, sister & brother in law and their adorable kids) which meant not only did we have the best company for the week, we also had built in baby sitters as well! (Living interstate to them, we don’t get to see them all that often so I see it as them getting to spend quality time with Spencer, not us shirking our parental responsibilities as much as we could – but both would be pretty accurate!)


SO, on the 4th night we were there – it was a Friday – his parents offered to look after Spencer so we could go out and enjoy dinner baby free… so I threw my hair up in a bun and put on a dress and Nick & I left them to ‘enjoy’ Spencer for a few hours (he was asleep when we left so at least he wasn’t crying!) When choosing where to go, Nick kept telling me that he was happy to go wherever I wanted to – which isn’t abnormal – but he is pretty opinionated when it comes to food. So, in reflection it was a little out of character. We ended up this little restaurant called The Beach Shack – mainly because they served lobster and being right on the water, I was desperate to try some of their fresh seafood! We enjoyed a lovely dinner together, listening to live music and feasting on a huge seafood platter – and yes, the lobster didn’t disappoint! After dinner, we walked down the beach and stopped at a few spots to take in the night sky and listen to the ocean. One of the best things about the resorts in Fiji is that being a popular family destination, also means that by 9pm, everywhere is so quiet. Everyone’s gone back to their rooms to put the kids to bed and you pretty much have the beach & bars to yourself… which is perfect for an intimate, romantic proposal apparently!

As we were walking up the beach, we were reflecting on what our life looks like now with Spencer a part of it. Again, that’s pretty normal for us. We talk often about how much our life has changed, how much joy (& let’s be honest, pain) Spencer has bought into it but how we wouldn’t change a thing. So, again, nothing he was saying made me think he was about to propose… I was just chatting to my best friend about our life now and taking in the beautiful Fijian night air.

THEN… as Nick finished telling me how much he loved our little family- he said “but there’s just one thing that’s missing…” Again, still no idea what he was talking about – I naively replied “Oh really, what’s that?” Honestly, thinking he might just want to increase Spencers daycare hours or change something up with his business. He then knelt on the sand before me, holding my hand with his – he pulled out a gorgeous ring from his pocket and replied “You’re not a Kelly yet. I’d really like to change that. Kylie, will you marry me?”


You guys. My heart could have exploded. I just looked at him, my best friend in all the world – and took it all in. I probably should have said yes a little quicker… but this was the last thing I was expecting to happen. Of course, I finally did say yes, he popped the gorgeous ring on my finger (I spent the next ten minutes trying to see what it looked like in the dark) and he kissed me, under the gorgeous Fijian stars and to the sound of the lapping waves of the ocean. I never want to forget a minute of that night… It was so so perfect.

So, here we are. Engaged to be married!!

I’m so used to giving all my JFL brides advice and helping them plan their own wedding days – I have no idea where to start with our own. Of course, when we returned home after our holiday, we told all our family and then announced it on Facebook, making it all Facebook Official – which is important these days haha 

But now, as I sit here a few weeks later, life has taken hold again. We’ve gotten busy with Spencer and his routines, I’m photographing weddings and hustling towards the end of the year. Nick’s shooting and working harder than ever… and we’ve chatted about what our wedding could look like ONCE so far. I guess we will need to increase the frequency of those conversations but to be honest, I’m just loving knowing that one day soon, we will officially be a family. I’ll officially be his wife (and when the flight attendant tells me that my husband has saved me my in flight meal while I nurse our sleeping son, it will finally be true.)

Oh and I’m still looking at this beautiful ring on my left hand at least 100 times a day, but I’m sure that’s pretty normal! So stay tuned for more wedding posts from me as I share my journey with you all – I have no idea what it will look like yet, but I’m so so excited to start dreaming about it all – for real. 

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