There is something that happens when you try something new for the first time… when you allow yourself time to play with unique concepts, colours & ideas. As a wedding photographer, I know this to be SO important to ensure that you continue to creatively grow – which means that your work constantly evolves and improves (I believe this is one of the tell tale signs of a good photographer, they experiment & try new things). In normal life, I’m drawn to romantic palettes, soft colours and whimsical ideas – always positive and always favouring the bright over the dark… so when I started thinking about a concept for a workshop I was hosting for photographers, I wanted to push my own boundaries (not only through teaching others, but also with what I was going to be photographing!) and this “Black Botanicals” shoot was born! While it’s a little darker than what I’d normally show, it’s a little grungier – it’s still so dang pretty! A HUGE thanks to Polka Dot Bride for featuring it last week as well, it’s always a huge honour to be on their gorgeous site!

Here are some frames from the shoot – to see the entire editorial on Polka Dot Bride, click here!

polka-dot-bride-just-for-love-photography-inspiration-black-botanicals-bride-alternate-published-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Photographer polka-dot-bride-just-for-love-photography-inspiration-black-botanicals-bride-alternate-published-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Photographer polka-dot-bride-just-for-love-photography-inspiration-black-botanicals-bride-alternate-published-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Photographerpolka-dot-bride-just-for-love-photography-inspiration-black-botanicals-bride-alternate-published-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Photographer polka-dot-bride-just-for-love-photography-inspiration-black-botanicals-bride-alternate-published-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Photographerpolka-dot-bride-just-for-love-photography-inspiration-black-botanicals-bride-alternate-published-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Photographer polka-dot-bride-just-for-love-photography-inspiration-black-botanicals-bride-alternate-published-Brisbane-Wedding-Photos-Photographer

A huge thanks to the following vendors for bringing this vision to life:

Planning & Workshop: Just For Wedding Photographers & Just For Love Photography | Venue: Little Mountain Studio | Styling & Props: Coco & Confetti | Cutlery: Figgoscope Curates | Florals: Bella Bloom Floral Designs | Cake: Cake Alchemy | Invitations & Stationery: Coco Bride | Bridal Gown: Begitta | Hair & Makeup Artist: Bella Brides | Beautiful Bride: Karla Gutteridge

We couldn’t have done it without you all! Thank you, xx