Dear Bride,

If you’re looking for the best person to document your wedding day, I’d love to take a minute to let you know a couple of things that might help (I do love to help!). Generally speaking, I believe, as a wedding photographer, I am in the business of love and capturing the day two become one (that was not an intentional Spice Girls quote, I promise!), is an honour that I do not take lightly. To ensure that you find the right person for you, here are a few tips that might come in handy.


1. Take your time & do a little research

I strongly believe that the most important element when choosing your wedding photographer is their style and personality. Not so much what camera they shoot with or how much they cost (I know that comes into it, but roll with me here)…a photographers style needs to be in line with your own personal aesthetic, in order for you to love your wedding images… If you’re after romantic, photos that look like they belong in a magazine and want to have a whole heap of fun making them, I know that I’m your gal! Don’t simply book off a recommended vendor list or use the photographer your cousin had because they were nice, make sure you do a little research first and check out their style…


2. Sharing is Caring

Get to know your wedding photographer. Say hi. Tell them what you did on the weekend. Ask them questions. Before booking a bride and groom, I always ask a couple of questions to make sure we’re a good fit (I mean, you are going to be spending a lot of time with me on your wedding day!) Share with them as your planning your wedding day, they may have some valuable recommendations or know someone that knows someone that can do what you’re after (it’s a fairly small industry so we can be pretty helpful!) Trust me, sharing special details, decor designs and your plans in general, is worth its weight in gold (seriously!). It ensures that as the photographer, I know exactly what’s important to you both and how you roll. Gold i say.


3. Trust

Once you have found your photographer, trust their creativity and skill. You chose them for a very good reason, remember. You loved their style. To get the very best wedding photographs for you, give your photographer the freedom to create and capture the unique moments of your day. I have to say, I love Pinterest, I have board after board filled wedding inspiration and ideas…(you can see them here) but, gorgeous bride, it is just inspiration. If you trust your photographer, your images will be better than anything you see on Pinterest…How? Because they will reflect the both of you and the day you became husband & wife!