Hey gorgeous!

Don’t you just love those moments, those split seconds when you read something, see something or someone…and it just slaps you right in the face. This totally happened to me yesterday on the train…not physically – there is no way I would sit close enough to anyone on the train to allow that to happen…but it honestly made me stop in my tracks. I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed, my normal morning ritual, when my eyes rested upon a status update from one of my favourite life and blog coaches, Rachel from In Spaces Between. Honestly, she is my home girl. She doesn’t know it yet (ok, now that sounds creepy!) but I have been following her (through Facebook, obvs) for years, from the start of her business, to her now empowering women all day, everyday…and man, is she good at it. So…she had posted earlier that morning the following status:

“If you’re feeling resistance, congratulations beautiful. You’re on the precipice; a breakthrough is imminent.

Please – keep going. 

If you’re feeling wobbly, remember courage isn’t the absence of fear – it’s acting in spite of it. 

If you’re wondering, ‘why this?’ and ‘what for?,’ remember you’ve been called. You’re here to shine – BRIGHT. Your light holds the power of the entire Universe inside it. You’re here to inspire. You’re here to lead. YOU are a magnet. Be the love. xo”

..and bang. I think it hit me so hard in the face because at the moment, I find myself reassessing my goals, dreams and desires, and wondering why I am so ‘wobbly’ at the moment (and I’m not talking about not getting to the gym enough!).  I guess this is what this last month of the year is all about, figuring out what you want to do, change and be in the coming year and hopefully celebrating all that you achieved in the past 12 months. So I made a big decision, well big for me. I withdrew from my course units (for those of you that don’t know, I am also studying a bachelor of primary education, full time, with about 2 years to go) so that I can actually have a break over the Christmas period. It was hard, I felt sick knowing that I was adding extra time onto the end of the degree by forcing myself to take a break…but after taking a deep breathe and reflecting on Rachel’s words…I realised I need to recharge, I NEED to recharge my spirit…in order to have a 2014 that is full of breakthrough, courage and shining bright. So right now…i’m ok with being a little wobbly. I know what comes next…

I would love to hear what you have going on gorgeous…have you started to reflect on 2013 and make changes already like I have, or are you still pushing ahead full steam? If you are, share it with me too, i’d love to cheer you on!

P.s Check out these flowers my gorgeous boy surprised me with this afternoon, plus the news of a night away at the sunshine coast on Friday night (in a room with a spa – I may have squealed at this news, we don’t have a bath where we are at the moment, only a shower, so I seriously dream about having baths again, easily pleased aren’t I?!) …we have been dating for 3 years today and it seems he is getting more and more romantic every year. Bring on 2014 I say!