As I’m sure you know, I am a romantic at heart. So imagine my delight, when I meet up with Michael & Sam for the first time. High school sweethearts, so in love and getting to photograph them on Valentines Day… it seriously was a perfect V-day in my opinion (I might be romantic, but i’ve never really been a chocolates and flowers on Valentines type of gal! Surround me by people in love and let me bring my camera… oh happy day!)

Michael & Sam. I have never laughed so much during an engagement session… I love that you both set out to have fun together during the engagement shoot (you’re so my type of people!). Thank you for trusting me when I told you about an amazing road in the middle of nowhere I wanted to take you to (totally weird sounding right?!) and thank you for braving those mozzies that came out of nowhere! You two are serious rockstars and I am SO excited for your wedding day! xx



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