One of the best things about my job is the gorgeous couples that I am lucky enough to cross paths with – Sam & Jess are one of those. From the very first email I received from Jess, I knew I wanted to be a part of their Wedding. You see, she explained that they live in Victoria but were travelling up to Byron for “Bluesfest” and wanted to elope while they were up here… somewhere. I knew that they were planning something unique, intimate & a celebration that would reflect who they were. I believe that this is exactly what a Wedding should be and so, I was pretty darn excited to be a part of their planning & celebration. Jess curated an amazing team of vendors to help bring her island wedding vision to life – and it was nothing short of amazing!

Here’s a peek into their Wedding Day story:


Sam & Jess decided to get ready in a luxury home, situated on the hill above Tangalooma Resort. The views were just spectacular… and it also meant that Jess could get ready upstairs, while Sam got ready downstairs – without him seeing his bride before the Ceremony!

Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope

Sarah from The Beauty Lineup looked after Jess’s hair & makeup for her Wedding Day – and wow, it was just stunning. I love working with Sarah, not only is she extremely talented, she also runs on time – which when you’re having a late afternoon Ceremony like Sam & Jess were, is super important! Thanks again Sarah!

Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope

Sam & Jess’s daughter Parker helped Jess get dressed into her Wedding Dress… such a cutie!

Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope

Before we knew it, it was time for their beachside Wedding Ceremony – sure there were nerves, but more than anything – there was a palpable excitement in the air. These two were about to become husband & wife…


What a backdrop for a Wedding Ceremony… I feel like this could be on a tropical island in the pacific, not an hour from Brisbane! Sam & Jess’s Ceremony, was beautiful & intimate – with only their best friends Nick & Jess (& their daughter Billie) as their witnesses. It was just perfect and exactly what a wedding is all about. Two people, madly in love, promising to stand by each other forever.

Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-ElopeTangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-ElopeTangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope

Miss Parker, you are just the cutest little thing!! Between you & Billie, there was quite the cuteness overload!


Now, it’s time to C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E – these guys didn’t have to be told twice!! Introducing Mr & Mrs Trickett!


Now husband & wife, with a glass of bubbles (or beer) in hand, it was time to take some portraits! You guys, that hour before sunset is just the prettiest time of the day – Sam & Jess, you totally nailed it! First up, some tropical island palm trees bathed in golden light with the bride, groom and their babe, Parker.

Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope

Before a Wedding Day, I always like to ask my couples what they love most about each other – it allows me a little bit of insight into their relationship and the more I can get to know them, I believe the better the photos are as a result.

When I asked Jess what she loves most about Sam, this is what she shared with me:

“There is no one else like him, he is an outstanding father, plus he makes seriously beautiful babies. I love that he never stops moving, he’s always up for an adventure whether it’s going to the supermarket or packing up and restarting our life in a new place. I love his problem solving skills to make things happen. He is so thoughtful & will always stop to help people when they need a passing hand. I love how highly he speaks of me, and I love that he tells me every single day that he loves me.”


… and when I asked Sam, this is what he shared with me about his love for Jess: 

“I love that she is always thinking of me and does so many small gestures to show me how much she loves me. She always looks on the bright side of life – and I love how easily and genuinely excited even the smallest things make her. I am so thankful and love that she adopted our Bulldog Missi even though it was without consultation… lastly I love that she is such a spectacular mum.”

Seriously, can’t you just feel the love they have for each other through the words they shared. These guys make the best team!

Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope-Drone-Aerial Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope-Drone-Aerial

After a family photo with sweet little Parker, I stole Jess for some pretty beachside portraits… honestly, that dusk light paired with such a beautiful bride (not to mention a bouquet of gorgeous blooms created by Emma from Coco & Confetti) made sure that I was pretty much in heaven! Such a photographers dream… could these guys make it any easier!

Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope-Drone-Aerial Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope-Drone-Aerial Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope-Drone-Aerial

As the sun set, we took advantage of those pretty pink hues… finding some cool logs that were washed up on the beach. I’m all about variety on a Wedding Day, so my couples never receive photos that all look alike – for Sam & Jess, between the palm trees bathed in golden light to the beach at sunset, they are definitely getting a great variety within their photos! I’d heard sunsets at Tangalooma Island Resort were pretty special – after witnessing this sunset, I’d have to wholeheartedly agree!

Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope-Drone-Aerial Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope-Drone-Aerial Tangalooma-Resort-Moreton-Island-Wedding-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Elopement-Elope-Drone-Aerial

Sam & Jess, thank you so much for trusting me to document this time in your lives! It was such a beautiful afternoon and I know that if you continue holding hands & supporting each other like you already do, you’re future as husband & wife will be just as beautiful as your Wedding Day was! Here’s to an amazing future for an amazing couple & family. All my love, Kylie x


A huge thanks to the following vendors for making Sam & Jess’s elopement as stunning as it was:

Wedding Venue: Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island QLD

Celebrant: Marie Pentland | Bridal Gown: Fifi & Edga | Hair & Makeup Artist: The Beauty Lineup | Florist: Coco & Confetti  | Cake: Hansel & Gretel