Today, I turn 34!

You guys, I love birthdays. I mean, I really LOVE them. I love all the birthday things – the plans, the celebrating, the cake, the attention – all of it. I am not one of those “low key” kind of people when it comes to birthdays – I like to celebrate every year of life BIG. I don’t mind aging at all… I see it as such an honour and a part of life. I want to age gracefully, to live each 12 months the best I can and look forward to the next.  So honestly, the more candles, the better! Ever since I can remember, I’ve taken my birthday off work. Even when I was an employee – I’ve never worked on my birthday. It just always felt wrong – surely this is the one day that I can make all about me. I can do whatever I want to do, see whoever I want to see and enjoy it however I see fit. So, I made it a kind of life rule… to never work! Normally I would catch up with friends, get a massage, go out for coffee, sleep in, catch a film. You know… whatever I might have felt like.

But this year, it’s different. It’s quiet. I can’t take it ‘off’ like I used to… because motherhood is a job with no sick days, no annual leave, no days off. So, I’m sharing it with my little human. And I’m LOVING it. This year I’ve decided I’m embracing JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out! (get it, instead of FOMO – I just love this take on it!)

    • I’m going to be up early cuddling with Spencer whilst watching Boss Baby and sipping on tea (6am would be great Spence, no earlier please!) 
    • I’m going to watch him laugh and play in the park for as long as he wants.  
    • I’m going to order thai takeaway for dinner – UBER eats come at me. 
    • I’m going to snuggle my main man Nick when he gets home tonight – and hopefully fall asleep in the same bed for the first time in a week (he’s been away in the NT!)
    • I’m going to eat as much ice cream cake as I want (and yes, I went a bought an entire ice cream cake!) 
    • I may be in bed by 10pm – and I’m SO okay with that!

As a 34 year old, this actually doesn’t sound like I’m missing out at all (a part from a massage. That would have been nice!) It sounds like my FAVORITE DAY EVER – spent with my favourite little person ever. Love you little man! x