All of my JFL couples are so special to me, but I must admit Amber & Zac are a little more special than most. You see, I have been friends with Amber for almost a decade – meeting during one of my many employments at a cafe called The Chocolate Cottage (before I was a photographer, I honestly changed jobs more than I changed my underwear… and that’s not really an exaggeration!) So, imagine my happiness when Amber shared with me that she was in love with a wonderful man, that had just proposed to her – and they were planning to get married! I just had to meet up with her to get all the detail! She told me how her & Zac originally met online but within minutes of chatting realised that they had gone to the same primary school, they both had family in Highfields AND his house was just around the corner from hers! Woah. Meant to be or what! I just love stories like this…

In celebration of today, their Wedding Day – it’s only fitting that I share some of their engagement photos with you! Here is a glimpse into the time we spent together…

Toowoomba-Engagement-Engaged-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer Toowoomba-Engagement-Engaged-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-PhotographerToowoomba-Engagement-Engaged-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer

Aren’t they just the sweetest….

Toowoomba-Engagement-Engaged-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-PhotographerToowoomba-Engagement-Engaged-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer Toowoomba-Engagement-Engaged-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer Toowoomba-Engagement-Engaged-Photos-Just-For-Love-Photography-Photographer

Zac & Amber, thank you so much for trusting me to document the day you become husband & wife!! I cannot wait to see you both soon and witness the first day of your new married adventure with you!

Wish them well in the comments below you guys & send them some good wedding vibes – I know they’d appreciate it!