To be honest, South Africa was never on my travel bucket list… there were places like Cinque Terre, Machu Picchu and much of Europe (you guys know I’m a romantic at heart…) but South Africa. I honestly wasn’t that fussed. I can now say, after experiencing a little of what this incredible place had to offer… I was a complete fool. I flew into Cape Town at 8pm on a Wednesday night, excited but completely naive as to how much I would fall in love with this country… Here are some snapshots of my first week!

After 17 hours of travel, Nick & I were exhausted yet exhilarated. This was our first international trip together… nothing was going to impact this trip, not even the fact that Qantas lost my luggage somehow between Sydney & Johannesburg (apparently it’s seen more of the world than I have!) Luckily, all our camera gear was in our carry on luggage (I just wished I had of put some underwear & toothbrush in my handbag – all lessons learnt for next time!) After some shuteye, Nick & I woke quite early (thanks to the jet lag and excitement) and went exploring. We were staying in Camps Bay, which as you can tell from the photos below, it pretty damn rad!

Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Photographer Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Photographer

There were small things to adjust to, like the fact that every house was surrounded by an electric fence – yet, walking around & exploring, I never felt unsafe. Also, it was quite challenging to take any photos that were straight – as everything was slightly leaning in different directions. As you can see below, I lined it up so that the laneway made sense but the street sign & power poles were all on a lean. This made me discover that I am a little OCD when it comes to straight lines, haha!

Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Photographer Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Photographer

We spent a week in Camps Bay, with day trips exploring different areas… one of my favourites was visiting an amazing winery, Webersburg Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, for lunch. As we were leaving, Nick & I started chatting with the brothers that owned the winery – they had so much passion for the family business they were running… we left inspired. Needless to say, it was the best Cabernet Sauvignon I have ever tasted!

Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Stellenbosh-Winery Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Stellenbosh-Winery Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Stellenbosh-Winery

Another highlight, was exploring Boulders Beach & the African Penguin Colony. I know when you think of Africa, you think of safaris and big, wild animals… and while that was all still to come, it was so nice to start our trip off in such a relaxing way. Good food, great wine, amazing company… and penguins. What more could a girl ask for really?

Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Penguin-Tourist-Photographer Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Penguin-Tourist-Photographer Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Penguin-Tourist-Photographer

It safe to say, up until this point… I was enjoying myself. Really enjoying myself. But, stopping for lunch on the way back to Camps Bay at Berthas Restaurant in Simons Town (I’m not sure who Simon is!) is where I started to fall in love. I met these gorgeous kids that were using their passions and their musical talents to earn some money – listening to the music they made, talking to them and seeing the grins and joy on their faces (perhaps they were laughing at my ridiculous Australian accent, who knows)… it was this experience that made me stop and realise, my heart was full.

Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Documentary-Photographer Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Documentary-Photographer Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Documentary-Photographer Just-For-Love-Photography-Destination-Wedding-Photos-South-Africa-Cape-Town-Documentary-Photographer

South Africa stole a huge chunk of my heart. When I first booked this destination wedding, obviously I was stoked… but I didn’t realise what was in store. Nothing could prepare me for the profound effect this trip would have on my life & on my heart and future. Kile & Rebecca, I will forever be indebted to you for introducing me to this amazing country, full of incredible people. I am already planning my next trip back!