I’m not sure whether it’s solely thanks to being self employed but I have been putting a lot more consideration into the status of our bank balance as of late. I’ve always tried to keep track of things but as I get older (and wiser perhaps!) I’m trying to be more creative with our money to make it go further (we’re not eating spam or anything weird, don’t worry!)… but that got me thinking. IF I was getting married, how would I work out our wedding budget? If we had a less than ideal wedding budget, what would my priorities be? Could I make it work?

The answer…. TOTALLY! Here’s 5 reasons ways I think it could work:


I know that this might seem easier to some than others… but hello DIY. I love making things with my hands (the last thing I made was a concrete pot, it didn’t quite look like what Pinterest promised, but it felt good to create none the less!) and this can be a HUGE money saver. While there are certainly some aspects of a wedding day I would never dream of making myself, other things like ceremony backdrops, table centrepieces, presents for your maids – are all things that you can do yourself and save some serious coin. I would suggest though, if you are planning on creating some of your wedding elements yourself, start early! I would not want to be sitting in my lounge room with a glue gun the week before my wedding… and missing out on my massages & spa treatments. Just a thought!



This excites me. There are SO many venues and locations that I have found in my travels that are a little more unknown, when compared to the likes of the more popular venues that you find in bridal magazines or at expo’s. Think about the quaint community hall, art museum, local orchard or national park – try not to exclude locations just because they are a little unusual – find a spot that represents you both as a couple, a venue that you both love (rather than going with the most popular) and generally, the venues that aren’t wedding specific, normally charge a whole lot less too! If you want to know about the questions you need to ask your Venue when it comes to your Wedding Day, sign up to my Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide here to find out (and discover a whole heap of other tips & advice when it comes to your Wedding Planning!)


I know I have mentioned DIY already but I think being creative, goes a whole lot further than just making things yourself. Being creative when it comes to your wedding day, could go as far as wearing something different, that might not be classed as a traditional ‘wedding dress.’ Or, it might mean having a early morning wedding followed by a brunch reception (I would NOT actually do this as I am not a morning person… at all. But it’s an option that came to mind!) Being creative might mean not having a bridal party, or ditching the cake (not sure Nick would be keen on this one, haha!) I honestly don’t think there are any rules when it comes to your wedding day, so do it your way (and you’ll probably save some  money too!)




One thing a smaller budget might mean is that invitations are limited. But you know what, they should be anyway! Why have guests there that haven’t shared in your journey as a couple, or that you haven’t seen in years. I often do things because it’s the ‘nice’ thing to do… but I think it’s fair to assume that who is there on your wedding day… is up to YOU! If that means that it’s just you, your love, a couple witnesses and a celebrant. Do it! Eloping is so the new black and if it fits what you both want… don’t hesitate. Plus, think of the gorgeous honeymoon or 5 star meal you can have with the money you’ve saved. Winning!


Ok, so I get it. I know money only goes so far and when it comes to budgets, you have to pick and choose what to keep and what to sacrifice. I think it’s super important to know what you both value before you make any financial wedding decisions. For me, I believe that the wedding photographs & a wedding film would be right up at number one – and not just because, I’m a photographer. If you think about the wedding day, once it is all done and dusted and you’re lying in bed together that night, as husband and wife, your photos & film are all that is left from the day that was (sure you might have some left over cake and hey, your memories are still fresh too…but what about in 30 years? Will you still remember everything you want to? Hopefully yes, but maybe no). Your photos & film are what you hand down to your children to look at, that’s what becomes your first family heirloom together. Now, I know I’m also super sentimental and I get that some people might value their dress more, or the venue styling – but you know something? If you do sacrifice on some of those things, a good photographer can make ANYTHING look good! Honestly… I’ve seen it and I’ve done it.

Want to hear more about how to budget for your Wedding Day, click play on the video below: