“…we can’t stop watching our wedding film!”


Wedding Films & Videography starting from $2000 and can be combined with your Wedding Photography Collection
Payment plans available upon request

Creating a wedding film needs to be so much more than setting up a camera and pressing record. It needs to be creative. It needs to be honest. It needs to tell your story… a JFL wedding film tells the ultimate version of your love story! It’s the best way to capture the memories from your wedding day, through not only sight but sound too. The words of love and support voiced from your family and friends are some of the most important gifts you receive on your wedding day – the laughter, the tears, the words in your dad’s speech that most likely will never be spoken again. This is what a wedding film preserves for you. In each video, our only goal is to tell your unique story… we take care in creating art worth watching again and again… and again!

The great thing about working with JFL Photography for both your photos & video, is that they are being created by one creative team. That means incredible results because we work so well together, we compliment each other perfectly; never getting in each others way! This is not only great for your wedding film & photography, it’s also great for your stress level on and before your wedding day!

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After only offering photography for years, one of the biggest regrets my couples had after their wedding was not investing in a wedding film. As beautiful as their images were and as much as they loved them, they couldn’t press play on them and listen to how their day unfolded or use them to listen to their vows, and unfortunately, as with everything in life, over time memories fade. If you’d like your story to be told through film, please get in touch today.

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