Well, today is pretty important to me… It’s kind of like my own version of Independence Day! It’s been 12 months to the day that I embarked on this amazing journey of self employment (and not just survived, but flourished!!!) Within this last year, I’ve learnt some really valuable lessons… and look at this selfie, I’m still smiling!
Here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt:
– Not having any job security is a scary thought but totally pushes me to work even harder… there’s nothing like the hustle to pay your bills!
-I work so hard that I often forget to eat or drink… so my daily planner, now has tick boxes that remind me I need 8 glasses of water a day and 3 scheduled meals – and it works most of the time! Thanks Kikki K!
– A designated ‘comfy’ outfit is vital when you are in front of your computer all day (some choose yoga pants, some onesie’s – the choice is yours!)
– Working from home is a blessing and curse all rolled into one, you can go days without leaving the house and start to have real in depth conversations with yourself… make sure you take 10 mins to walk outside and just breath in the fresh air. It will do you wonders (even if your neighbours think you’re a little strange!)
– The relationship you have with your earnings becomes completely different, every single cent counts. It takes some time to get used to not being ‘paid’ by someone else.
– Your to do lists are suddenly your new best friends… and just keep on growing!
– There are dry spells that are incredibly scary – apparently it happens with all businesses – but it is something I don’t think i’ll ever get used to!
– Then there are other times you will be so busy that you will want 9 days in the week and more hours in the day.
– If a job doesn’t exactly go to plan it’s super important to learn from it, being self employed is a huge learning curve.
– Not having a traditional work schedule can become tricky when it comes to social gatherings… Do yourself a favour and say yes, more than you say no.
– It’s hard to say to somebody in a 9-5 job that you’re having a rough time with work because it instantly makes you sound like you’re ungrateful for what you’re doing…

… more than anything though, remember – you started on this journey to build a LIFE that you love, not just a JOB that you enjoy. Make sure you take time out to spend it with loved ones, to do yoga, to read a book! Trust me, you deserve it!
Are you self employed?
I would love to hear what you found the hardest during your first 12 months! Please leave me a comment below… it’s nice to know sometimes that we are all in this together!
Love Kylie xx