I’m not going to lie – whenever I envisage my big day (whenever that may be!), I’m taken to a place of rolling hills and clear skies – especially just before sunset so I can get some portraits that I love to give my brides, those golden hour beauties. But the truth of the matter is, the weather is about the only thing that is out of our control… and after being a wedding photographer for years now, I’ve also come to learn that rainy weather can create images that are just as beautiful! Like anything, you just need to be prepared in case the sky does decide to open up on your big day – and remember, weddings aren’t about the weather – they’re about celebrating with the people you love, so here are some tips to make sure you can enjoy every last wet second.


Ok, I know that there is already loads to think about and pay for when it comes to your Wedding Day – but having a plan B when it comes to your venue in case of rain, to me, is a no brainer. Before you go and secure a completely separate venue though, consider options that might already be on location (such as Summergrove Estate, who offers gorgeous outside ceremonies areas but also has an onsite chapel). Or could you possibly hire a marquee that could provide shelter? Is there a gazebo or area of the venue that could work in case it rains? Talk to your venue coordinator first and see what your options could be…

If they don’t have any options or the wet weather option is less desirable (for example an ugly conference room) look at some beautiful indoor venues that might be close by as a backup (some indoor wedding ceremony ideas would be Libraries, Art Galleries, Country Chapels, Historic Houses, or Barrel Rooms in vineyards) Think of it this way, the little extra coin you have to pay for peace of mind, just might be worth every cent if the forecast a few days out from your Wedding is predicting wet weather. Plus, if you do book it and don’t use it, we can always go there for some bridal portraits afterwards (especially if it’s somewhere you love!) To be honest, I’m naturally a bit of a stress head so I’d much rather pay to avoid any additional stress! Wouldn’t you?

Just-For-Love-Photography-Summergrove-Estate-Chapel-Wedding-Casuarina-Tweed-Bride-PhotosImage of Summergrove Estate, taken by Ivy Road Photography


If it does rain on your wedding day my advice would be to be brave when you venture outside! You can get some beautiful photos in the rain… they are so intimate & romantic, but they do require you to be brave. Sure, maybe change out of your Jimmy Choo’s BUT don’t miss this opportunity to capture some portraits with your now HUSBAND. You won’t regret it!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 12.25.12 PMImage by Cavanagh Photography


This is another reason why hiring a professional photographer is uber important… Someone that charges too little or is just starting out, won’t have the experience to be able to produce amazing, rainy day wedding portraits. Why? Because it’s hard. It takes a whole lot of preparation and needs the photographer to have an entire bag of know-how! For some insight, here are some of the things I do to prepare for a rainy day wedding:

– I always location scout to find potential photo spots (now these spots will differ depending on the intensity of the weather, I always find some spots to use in case of light rain and others that will work in case of torrential / sideways rain. The key is to have a plan regardless of what weather card you are given!)

– Prepare & use professional weather resistant gear… with a few tricks (and zip lock bags) up my sleeves so that the weather won’t get in the way of what I choose to do for your portraits!

– Have a large stash of clear umbrellas in my boot that I have on hand for every. single. wedding – you never know when you might need one. Plus they make for awesome wet weather props, like this shot that I took last weekend at Carmen & Matt’s Brisbane Wedding.



Umbrellas and gumboots. Yes and yes. Go out and buy beautiful umbrellas, buy funky gum boots, get raincoats and if you are lucky… you won’t need to use them. But if you do need them, then at least you will be totally prepared. As I mentioned above, I always bring clear umbrellas to each wedding… but if you want to buy your own, of course – please, go right ahead. If you are having a country wedding then I would recommend that you get some gumboots. Because it gets very wet and muddy everywhere. You can get expensive ‘designer’ gumboots or cheap colourful gumboots for somewhere like Target. And I would recommend getting a pair even if you don’t like the look of it as it will keep your feet dry, keep your wedding shoes clean and you can just lower your wedding dress if you don’t want gumboots in your wedding photos (just make sure to tell me your preference!) Click here to check out these amazing HUNTER gumboots – As I said, yes and yes!

Just-For-Love-Photography-Gumboots-Rainy-Rain-Wedding-Bride-Photos-PhotoImage by Cavanagh Photography


Don’t let the weather ruin your day. Have fun and stay positive! Remember the reason you are getting married. It’s not about the dress, the flowers, the decorations, your friends or even the photography. It’s all about the two of you and your amazing future together… so rain or not, this day is going to rock!