The fact that you’re reading this, tells me that you may just be rocking something new & sparkly on your left hand! If so, congratulations! Although getting engaged is obviously such a celebratory occasion, you’re probably also feeling a bit overwhelmed and wondering “where the heck do I start?” But fear not loves, because I’ve put together some tips that’ll make the initial planning experience so much sweeter!


Pop the champagne and take the time to share your big news with the people closest to you! With that new ring on your finger, you can also proudly purchase a wedding magazine or two (my favourite is White Magazine)… before you dig into your newly purchased glossies though, remember: they are only for inspiration. Your wedding will be different to any other wedding you’ll see… why? Because it’s between the two of you!


Pour a glass of wine (or crack a beer) and sit down with your soon-to-be for a little chat about what you both love. Talk about colours that you gravitate towards, food you love, traditions that you don’t care for or ones that you know you want. Avoid making any decisions but just note down anything that is mentioned. So often, the groom-to-be is left out of much of the planning (they just want to make you happy babe!) so, this little chat can really make sure you both have a wedding day that reflects who you are and what you both love (for example, if you prefer Summer over Winter and your hubby-to-be loves Ice Cream, why not opt for an Ice Cream Cart instead of a wedding cake. There are no rules when it comes to your wedding!)



In all the proposal excitement, it is very easy to make rash decisions… like who will be in your bridal party. Breathe. Remember, that the decisions you make will be hard to go back on! I strongly suggest that you prioritise booking your venue & photographer first (they receive bookings 12+ months in advance), then take your time to thoughtfully navigate other decisions… like who you will ask to be in your bridal party (if you choose to have one… there are no rules remember!)


As I mentioned, venues book out fast! Which ultimately is a good thing, as it means there is just so much love around! (Last year alone in Australia, there were 25,064 weddings!! That’s a whole lot of love… it makes you feel all warm & fuzzy, doesn’t it!) So, book the location before signing with any of your vendors. It is important to have the backdrop for your special day before you select the key people who will make your wedding extra memorable… However, if there is a vendor you know for a fact you would like to work with, I would suggest reaching out to confirm that the date you are leaning towards is still available. As a photographer, I know we get booked out just as quickly as venues, so there is no harm in reaching out and saying hi!



… and when I say geek, I mean spreadsheets. I have a love-hate relationship with spreadsheets. Mainly because I use them for all of my accounting… but it is a necessity. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of some of the most important details… Make a column for venue visits / notes, local vendors you are interested in, and potential guests you would like to invite. Also, highlight what details are most important to the two of you. Figuring out what details matter most to you early on will help you navigate where you will spend and where you will want to save.


Wedding planning is SO much fun… and honestly, it’s all part of the journey to becoming husband and wife BUT setting aside time every week to reconnect with your fiancé to chat about anything except wedding planning, is the key to maintaining peace in your relationship. Remember, the end goal is to become husband and wife… that’s what this is all about!


Want to chat to other brides that are going through the same emotions and planning worries as you? Click here to join a little Facebook group that I created… for brides to be only (there are no vendors in this group, so no one trying to sell to you!) Oh and if you want to see a little video that I have created just for you, click the play button below! I really hope you find it helpful xx